Tips on Creating the Best Slogan or Tagline and Mission Statement

Last Update: March 24, 2021

This will be a shorter one but I ran across a particularly great article on creating memorable taglines and really wanted to pass along some of the tips and considerations to the rest of the community, especially those who are just starting out and still feel like affiliate marketing is akin to a foreign language.

In marketing lingo, your slogan or tagline is called a positioning statement. It is a small but concise phrase that conveys to your potential customers the most important attributes or benefit they gain by choosing you over a competitor.

  • Why do you feel someone should choose the products or services you are recommending over the competitor?
  • What are the goals and the vision for your company / website?
  • What is the price of your products / services compared with competitors?
  • What types of people comprise your target audience?

You will want to keep these questions in the front of your mind when creating your perfect positioning statement.


Maybe you feel you can offer the cheapest solution to your customer's problem. Walmart did a great job in creating a slogan aimed at their price points with 'We Sell For Less'.


The tagline you choose can also be aimed at invoking an emotion, targeting the customer's feelings or desires. Some examples of using emotion in a tagline is Coca Cola's highly successful 'Choose Happiness' campaign from years ago or Nike's 'Just Do It' slogan, or how about the Marine corps 'The Few. The Proud. The Marines'.

Using an emotional tagline can really convey to your customers what your values and initiatives are while using very few words.

Another approach might be to advertise what you are NOT, such as when Oldsmobile came up with 'Not Your Father's Oldsmobile'.


Maybe you feel your products are the very best, regardless of the price. It could be your products may be priced a bit higher than the competitor but they are of the very best quality in your opinion.

Some great examples of a quality based slogan are Meow Mix's "So Good, Cats Ask For It By Name' or Lay's 'Betcha Can't Eat Just One'.

You can also use a combination of some of the above methods. Walmart combined cost and emotion with their 'Save Money, Live Better' slogan.

A slogan, or tagline, should convey to your potential customers what is important to you and what they can expect when they choose you over a competitor. The best taglines are very short yet catchy and memorable.

I found a few free slogan generator tools you can play around with. Some of the examples they come up with can be a pretty corny but they might just activate the spark of imagination you've been lacking.

You can find links to these free tools here:

I had a great time playing with some of them; I hope you will too!

Until next time :)

Best, Shannon

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Suzay Premium
OOOOoo! I loved that and laughed at "like affiliate marketing is akin to a foreign language". That was really a hoot, because all the technical, is a foreign language, for reals. Well it was for me, and kind of shocking because I get math, see things in 3-D with ease,and other stuff, until I hit this and about wanted to cry...Now I'm laughing, so don't worry about me.. I'm getting it.

This is not a boring, ho hum post either, Shannon because of the fun toys you equipped us with. I'm all for playing, if it arcs and sparks better outcomes.
Thank you Darling. What a super nice treat to open this up today!

Have a wonderful week full of Blessings, and you are so wonderful Shannon!
Jaz333 Premium
haha that is exactly how I felt when I first landed here at WA! It took me quite a while to grasp everything but I'm so glad I didn't give up since I am now equipped with knowledge that can take me anywhere!

Best, Shannon
Suzay Premium
And what fun to come over here and play with another More than a conqueror, dear Shannon!
Glad we were not alone, although it may have felt like it, both of us us are pushing through, and I appreciate your post, it is really well done!
edhozubin Premium
Excellent Post & Share Shannon. Very helpful. I created one that is going on my new Website Posts. Down the road I think it will help a lot.
Janice46004 Premium
Thank you for this. Very helpful.
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for sharing the tools. Tried a few. They gave me some interesting ideas. Nice to get some fresh ideas.

Jaz333 Premium
Like I said, most of the phrases they come up with can be pretty corny but one actually did jog some ideas loose for me. I want to say it was the zyro one but I could be mistaken.

Best, Shannon
jghwebbrand Premium
richardgb Premium
Hi Shannon
Thanks for sharing.