The Sky is the Limit

Last Update: April 14, 2019

Hello Everyone!

I've really just begun here at WA. I signed up as a starter member and didn't really check out the site until several days later. When I did, I immediately saw the value WA and this community could bring to my life and that of my family.

I've really only been actively training and building my first website for a little over a week but in that short period of time I've come a long way - much further and I imagined honestly. I see a bright future for my business and it all started with a simple search on the internet looking to bring some income into my home without having to leave my children alone while I slave away somewhere with little return.

The community here has been very motivating and helpful for me and also incredibly welcoming - for that I wanted to personally thank you all. I hope I can be just as much help to the next one walking my footsteps in the future.

Here's to the beginning of a bright future! The sky is truly the limit!

Cheers, Shannon

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sminman7 Premium
Hi Shannon,
Great post! What you say is so true! With focus and hard work you can make your dreams come true!
Michael Inman
Goji Premium
Feeling much the same as you, Shannon. With the help of the Lord and the amazingly supportive WA family, I also have high hopes.

Cheers to us all.
tokzkie824 Premium
Welcome to WA and wish you all the best. There are really plenty of amazing people in this community who are more than willing to help, and the best thing is that all our questions are immediately answered in a speed of a lightning.

All the best,

jillxyz Premium
Keep getting the training done and you will be amazed. Try not to get distracted like I did. Lol Cheers AJ
LLettau1 Premium
Congratulations on your first blog within WA!

Linda103 Premium
I agree, the training is great, not long been doing it myself but have already learnt a lot.
I too have been very impressed with the community welcome, the ready help and inspiration.
Wishing you great success.
Eliz65 Premium
Sounds like you are off to a great start building your foundation.
Following the training will help you soar.
Best of luck!
Jaz333 Premium
I literally had no knowledge of building or maintaining a website and yet in this short time I'm well on my way to creating one. It's been fun and exciting and I have no doubt good things will follow :) Thanks for the support!
TCH60 Premium
It really is a "pay-it-forward" situation here with a lot of generous people giving their time and wisdom.

Kum ba yah ...... ;)

Cheers indeed!
JoePlale Premium
Hello Shannon .. and Welcome to the 'Sometimes Exciting' (Sometimes Mystifying) World of Wealthy Affilliate Premium.

Have a sit-down by the fire, Grab a cup of Coffee or Tea, and make yourself at home
.. (and Yes, This can become a home on "The InterWebs", where your dreams can come true)

There is Lots to Learn, and Lots to Do .. So, as anywhere else, Take what you want/need, and leave the rest.

OK then - See ya around Campus, M'Friend

Wdcope Premium
Shannon, you will do great I am sure. Take it a step at a time.
gartenl Premium
You fly high.