3 Week Check In

Last Update: August 27, 2019

I've been a busy bee creating content for the new site, so this will be a short one. I committed to tracking my progress here to keep myself accountable (and to show others this truly IS possible, even if they lead a hectic life like me) so I wanted to check in with a little progress report!

My new domain (shansherbal.com) was indexed just 2 days after it was created (can you believe it?!). That in itself gave me a giant kick in the pants to get moving hah!

In the first week I purchased the premium plugin for Generate Press theme (absolutely love it by the way) and got the foundation of my site laid out.

I decided I wanted to incorporate a static homepage into the site but I wanted a specific layout and wasn't sure how to accomplish it. I played around with Elementor tutorials for a day or two, but as of now, the homepage is simply a blog roll.

I also explored the Canva site and was able to create a new logo for the site for just $1, which to me is an excellent deal! I really like how it turned out but I may change it before I really start promoting the site. I haven't decided just yet.

I got the About Me, Affiliate Disclosure, and Medical Disclaimer pages up and set up a navigation menu in the footer to display these. Then set up a Contact page and several categories within the main top navigation section.

In the last two weeks I've gotten 5 more articles published and I'm currently working on the next. I also got Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster tools, Pretty Links, and a social media plug in set up and ready to go.

Organic traffic is just starting to trickle in from both Google and Bing, which is encouraging :) I wasn't getting any organic traffic from Google at all with the first site so to see even a few visitors trickle in this time around has inspired me!

Now the focus is simply building out the site, getting more content finished and published. I've also started a short 12-week class on SEO ranking so I could teach myself what it takes to rank on page 1. Learning so much already!

In a nut shell that's where I stand today at the 3-week mark. Now I'm off to the next task (haha there's always a next one right?) getting that 6th article published.

I'll catch you all at the next check in :)

PS - I want to humbly thank WA for the fantastic training making all this possible for me - and all the members who have helped and encouraged me along the way. I wouldn't be where I am without your support, so thanks!! <3

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MaxineW1 Premium
Congratulations, you are really leading the way.

Good luck with it all.
Jaz333 Premium
Thanks, I have a good feeling about the new site :)
figgy59 Premium
Congrats! Glad your progressing well. I don't have a clue what you said but it sure sounded impressive to me! LOL
Jaz333 Premium
LOL yeh everything was completely foreign to me in the beginning too. The training here at WA really is top notch and all the tools necessary to build a successful business are all right here!

I intend to prove just that :D
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks for sharing your awesome work!
Wishing you continued success.
Jaz333 Premium
Thanks KyleAnn - Appreciate you dropping by!

I'm all in this time around. I found I needed to make more of a commitment to my site and treat it like a job instead of a hobby. I believe doing so has made a world of difference!

Take care, Shannon
Palatia Premium Plus
Fantastic. I'm sure it's all easier (and faster) making a second website. :) Paula
Jaz333 Premium
It really is! And bonus - this time around I know (kinda) what I'm doing LOL
MrGamal Premium
You are a mom and you are already doing amazing, all the best to you I wish I can be as hardworking as you !!
Jaz333 Premium
Thanks for the kind words!

I'm compulsively always on to the next task at hand haha. I think I get lazy if I sit still doing nothing too long ;)