Will a fantasy writers workshop be a good niche?

Will a fantasy writers workshop be a good niche?

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Its the type of site that people will visit several times daily, and is a great place to promote products from a second party site. At least that's the feeling that I have about

Jay, I would like to add support for a site like you propose. For years I have 'fantasised' about writing a sci-fi or fantasy book so I would certainly access a site like you propose. Good luck in your endeavour.

Thank you for the encouragement. I hope thata you do stop by the site once it comes to fruition, because it is going to be a lot of fun. Have a fantastic day!

It depends on what your objectives are. I would agree with KatKat ? if it's going to end up a membership site. You will need to research more into this niche which appear on surface to be very targeted. You may want to think membership site in the long term.

Your absolutely correct. You see I am a long term member of a similar site, and its those few little annoying quirks about the site that have inspired me to go that route. I think a similar approach to WA's; Free membership, or premium if you want to go further down the rabbit hole. Certainly I want long term membership though, since that means 1-3 clicks per day x 300 days a year x 25 members is a big base, even without the random traffic once I move up the Google que.

That's for the feedback you guys and to KatsKats for the link.

You are welcome Jay

The best program I have come across for that is http://www.learncopyearn.com/
It is the best program on Kindle generally it converts very well despite the price. It is written by an Australian called Geoff Shaw . It is not a beginner's course but intermediate to advanced. That link just takes you to nowhere. The product is available on JVZOO.COM if you have trouble finding it and want it i will look at my affiliate link.

Do a search for affiliate programs for that and see what you can find.

I think its a great ideal. It's different, but justifiable.

Jay - as long as there's good search traffic and competition is reasonable if you're just starting out, then it's a good niche. More importantly is that you're passionate about it. The other benefit I see with something like this is that there could inadvertently be link sharing as other writers either link in or link out to their own websites. Either way, it's a positive to increase your page authority with Google.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing about your progress!

Cheers mate!

It is a great idea. Congrats!

Seems like a great place to advertise books, writing tools, etc. Perfect for Amazon affiliate marketing.

Hi Jay,
I you thinking about a free site all are you thinking about a membership site eventually?

i'm still trying to understand if a plain "joe" can use this website to make money, and how long it takes to do so. I just finished starting a website for my nich. Before I commit to a monthy payment I have to be convinced it's the right way to go. I have started several businesses in the past, I didn't do so by jumping in blindly. jay

Well here is the thing about this opportunity.
a) People like me will always be there to help you out, I will always do everything in my power to respond the day of or within 24 hours
b) You don't need to create your materials because people like me will share our youtube videos and other materials because you becoming successful means every single person on this site does as well. Its all about traffic
c) The instructional videos on this site are so well made that you don't have to speak that certain lingo in order to get it

I've been in Affiliate Sales and Multi Level Marketing before, and the one thing that I can say for this program is that after an hour investment of time per day and zero dollars I'm already making money. This is unique in that aspect, and you won't find any better.

Contact me with any questions, because I am here to help every single person on this site. Have a great day buddy!

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