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Last Update: March 18, 2014


I have seen far too many disasters over the span of 22 years of my life. From the 911 terrorist attack, Sichuan Earthquake to the recent MH370 airplane disaster. It sets me into thinking how much time do I actually have left, in this world, with my loved ones and achieve the things I have always wanted to.

When we were young, we do not actually have a good concept of what time is all about. We were optimistic about our future, thinking that things are going to stay the same beautiful way as it is then. Not knowing that time is passing by every second and we are all growing old, so are our parents. Moving on to 22, we suddenly realize that we do not have much time left to achieve all of these things.

That is when we begin our frantic search for more time.

We look for a good nine-to-five job, get a good pay, thinking that the amount of time and effort we put in now can translate into more free time in the future. What we do not realize is that what we are doing is basically TRADING TIME FOR TIME and not growing TIME. We would probably not retire earlier than we thought we could by working a nine-to-five job.

Wouldn't it then be smarter to invest our time now into something that can potentially grow more TIME and MONEY?

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"The greatest tragedy of mankind is the illusion that our time is richly abundant when in fact, it is deathly scarce"

- MJ DeMarco

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ezyazpie Premium
Yesterday is past, Tomorrow is not promised Today is the Present. it is a gift. Treat it as such and do the best you can do with the Present and you wont have to worry abut tomorrow.
jaychou Premium
That is very well said!
BIS Premium
Nice post. Time is certainly a very precious commodity. :) Beverley
nomda ploom Premium
can't argue with that on any level- up early and at it today and forever! Andy
rodkrug Premium
Most people go through life without realizing this. Just doing what they were taught. Good post.