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Last Update: August 25, 2017

have searching and almost gave up on Affiliate. Marketing. I started my search in 2004 and stopped altogether in 2010 ..phew! ..that's a long , long, search to strike gold. So I stopped for awhile and reflect over my journey and ask questions , " where did I missed it?" U till this year, 2017, after a series of events in my life, I decided to hop into the bandwagon again, this time I made the commitment never to quit. I guess circumstances. circumstances. we encounter. in life often forces one to make a serious decision about journey and. our purpose in life. For me it was these few things that was important to me:

1. My Purpose in Life.

2.The pains and. brokenness I witness in life everyday.

3. My own pains

4. My families and friends dear to me.

This is what motivated me to search first deep within me, prayed. and asked God to help me bring Solutions to the painful realities I was facing.
I knew it could be Solved. but the answer was. resting somewhere and I need to travel there to find it and bring it to solve the problems. Have mentioned above.

I stumbled. into another Affiliate. Marketing. Business site again. and this time it was a different story. I read everything pieces WA. threw and printed. .I was convinced.

Few things that could help someone in Affiliate Marketing Business:
1. A Dream with Passion and Deep Conviction.

2. A spirit that is fueld with Determination. to Succeed.

3. Researching and Accessing and Possessing. Good, Genuine Information.

4. Taking Action on the Knowledge Acquired.

5. Having elite mentors and coaches.

6. Having a great Ongoing. Training. Program.

7.Having. a great Support. Team and Network who believe in you and are always there when you need them.

8. The Integrity of the people who owns and are promoting the Affiliate Program m

9. The genuiness, simplicity and concept of 4he Business Model.

10. The Values of the. Affiliate Business to the Subscribers or Members who buys the Program.

11.The. Systematic Plan of Success..and how it will translate to affect your Dream.

I guess the most important. element. is the individual person, our role and part to play everyday inorder to see success and our dreams accomplished.
How much are we willing to sacrifice? Are we willing to pay the price?
" If there is no pain. there is no gain.

Success always comes with a Price"

I am glad that I see. all this virtues with Wealthy Affiliate and. I just have to do my part and play it patiently. time I will see the fruits and rewards of my investments, comittment and determination.

Thank You for listening, reading. and believing with me. about Affiliate Marketing Business. and giving it one more big shot.


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Kickbacked Premium
Nice post!
Jaybez Premium

Thanks much for reading and liking, appreciate much.
Kickbacked Premium
Thanks for the comment back!
despatis Premium
Congrats Joni, for going premium and for posting your first blog within Wealthy Affiliate. Well done and to be continued.

To your success,
Jaybez Premium

Thanks for the compliments, encouragement. and taking your timtime to read my blog.
Wish you the best. at WA as well.
TammiP Premium
Thank you Jaybez!! You pointed out some awesome realizations. I am glad that you came back and are now on the path to success. This has helped me to see clearer as well.

Be blessed

Jaybez Premium

Thank for those encouraging words. Glad to be part of your dream here @ WA and could help in a little way to your success journey.
mickeyb123 Premium
Thank you for this heartfelt statement of realization!
Jaybez Premium

Thank you Sir.! Realization. is they Key Word and Powerful. TherehTherehas to be a Self awareness and self consciousness of where we are and where are going in life.if we don't discern that. ththen living a life of purpose and significance is an amiss.
We will always be afraid and giving excuses to every challenges ththat could make a difference in someone's life.
Thank you again Mickey.
MKearns Premium
Jay our training coach has dealt with Amazon affiliation on the 18th and other major affiliate networks tonight. Watch the replays for tips to get you started!
Jaybez Premium

Thanks much for the "Like" appreciate much.

Yes I will attend the training .