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I have been a member with Wealthy Affiliate for two months and enjoying the ride until I hit bumpy track and a wall. Before hitting my core subject I would love to give a word of encouragement to anyone wether a newbie or veteran! Wealthy Affiliate has all the components to make anyone successful all one has to do is Ask and never be afraid and never Give up ! I was in my wilderness for about three weeks because I was framing my questions wrongly about a simple matter regarding my theme temp
August 28, 2017
Just been indexed by Google. To be successful in anything we just have to follow our passion and the rest will just fall into place. That passion must be nurtured and fed with education or knowledge and skills. It must be done everyday and it must become a ritual.Success comes to those who work hard and just do a little bit more than usual.You don't get it all at once , you learn through trial and error but you must never give up. You learn from mistakes, improve and keep going on and on on
have searching and almost gave up on Affiliate. Marketing. I started my search in 2004 and stopped altogether in 2010 ..phew! ..that's a long , long, search to strike gold. So I stopped for awhile and reflect over my journey and ask questions , " where did I missed it?" U till this year, 2017, after a series of events in my life, I decided to hop into the bandwagon again, this time I made the commitment never to quit. I guess circumstances. circumstances. we encounter. in life often forces o