Day 50 Report - Two Reviews

Last Update: June 12, 2018

I just wrapped up and published the second of two reviews I wrote today for Website 2.

These reviews are so easy to do right now and I learn a lot of new things doing them that I think that I'm going to write all the reviews I have scheduled for June first and then work on the regular articles after.

Checking June's content calendar for Website 2, I only have three more reviews to do and six regular articles.

One more task for today remains and that is the complete the video I've been working on since yesterday and post it.

I think I can get that done tonight. I also have a couple of pages to add to Website 2 that I think I'll try to get done as well.

Today was not a bad day at all. I had plenty of time to myself but had to go pick up my son from pre-school. Along the way I stopped to play a couple games of pool.

I finished the first article before going out and the second one after getting back despite the activity in the house.

With the YouTube video, I'm going to wait a while until all is quiet in the house so that I can do this uninterrupted.

Tomorrow I'm back on Website 1 for the next three days.

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JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Keep on going. Keep up the good work.
CandP Premium
You found time to relax and it made you more productive. This is balance in your life and that's the key. Well done, Jay.

We are well acquainted with St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We had our honeymoon on Palm Island in 1989 and we worked in the diving industry on a ship that regularly stopped at St. Vincent. We lived for many years in the Caribbean. Beautiful part of the world where you live. We are following you now, Jay.

Colette and Philip
Jay Gumbs Premium
Yes, it's a nice lesson to relax and achieve balance.

I'm following you guys back. It's nice to hear about St. Vincent from others who have experienced my islands. I've lived here all my life (born 1981) and have never been to Palm Island and a couple of the other islands so you've experienced some of the beauty that I haven't.

Thanks for following and engaging.
PreshusLove Premium
It sounds like you've been super productive. Nicely motivating.
Jay Gumbs Premium
Yes I have. Making the daily lists help and so does publicly sharing them and reporting on my progress to make sure that I do them.