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Today Amazon sent out an email with a survey so they call collect feedback from affiliates in their Associate program. If you're an Amazon Associate then you should have gotten the email in your inbox around 2pm EST. This is one survey that you should probably take if you're like me and you're displeased with the recent commission rate cuts. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to complete and you have the option to do it anonymously. Make sure that you voice your dissatisfaction with the
October 25, 2018
A while ago after WordPress made the Gutenberg plugin available, I tried it out the new editor and I hated it. Why would WordPress make such a backward change?About a week ago, I decided to install the plugin again because eventually I'll have to use it when WordPress 5.0 is released next month. I guess I was overwhelmed and confused the first time because now I love it and enjoy creating rich articles with blocks. Now I think this is such a great change and would encourage anyone who hated the
Nothing went as planned today. I had to run out soon after starting my writing task today and never got back until late. I was actually hesitating to post this report since I didn't get any of the tasks done but I have to stick to the plan. I'm reporting the wins as well as the losses as I originally did when I started writing these posts. So I already started the article and didn't get to touch the video editing at all but tomorrow is also scheduled as a Website 1 day. I guess I'll have to do
June 13, 2018
Yesterday was great. After completing two reviews for Website 2, I feel like I could create content all day. Song: Sky's the LimitArtist: The Notorious B.I.G.Album: Life After Death (1997)Today I'm going to focus on creating content for Website 1 (my main website) but I'm only going to be writing 1 article and I'm also going to try to finish the video I was working on. This is my first video (kinda) so hopefully when I get this done, the others won't take as long. Tasks for Today1. Write articl
I just wrapped up and published the second of two reviews I wrote today for Website 2. These reviews are so easy to do right now and I learn a lot of new things doing them that I think that I'm going to write all the reviews I have scheduled for June first and then work on the regular articles after. Checking June's content calendar for Website 2, I only have three more reviews to do and six regular articles. One more task for today remains and that is the complete the video I've been working o
June 12, 2018
Website 2 has started to see a trickle of traffic coming through so I need to keep publishing the articles. I'm also seeing some rankings but I still need to strenghten this site by publishing on and off the site. Song: Traffic (Let It Go)Artist: BerbiceGenre: Soca (2007)I think maybe by the end of the month, Website 2 might have it's first sale. I'm going to work on some content for this website today as scheduled. Today's content would be a review and I'm going to see if I can publish another
Today was a hectic day. I had to juggle real life and online life but it worked out OK. I had anticipated that I wasn't going to be at the computer much today so I only planned two tasks. However, I had to run out quite a bit of times and this meant I had to leave off my review article a couple of times and then get back to it. But I did finish the 2600+ word review which is one-half of my tasks for today. The other task was to edit and upload my video which is the video version of this review
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Wait, you thought I was done?Ok so no entries for Day 47 and Day 48 and you thought Jay threw in the towel. Song: Keep on Movin'Artist: Soul II SoulAlbum: Club Classics Vol. 1. (1989)After losing some valuable sleep over the weekend, I decided to take the entire weekend off. Sometimes, it can be good to take a break. Taking a break can help you avoid burnout and can actually reinvigorate you. I needed that and got to catch up on some sleep, get new ideas and plan out what I needed to do to get
June 08, 2018
By 10pm last night, I hadn't done any of my tasks from yesterday. Maybe "Play On" was the wrong title for yesterday's post because I squandered all of my time yesterday even though I was online for most of the day. But it's OK. I had fun and still got my tasks done. Song: Lose ControlArtist: Missy ElliottAlbum: The CookbookOf the three tasks I planned on doing yesterday, I wrote the review article and watched Jay's live class from last Friday late last night. I still haven't completed the unfin
June 07, 2018
Today is the end of my work week. Those who follow me know that I take Friday's off to go play. You know what they say about Jack. Song: Play OnArtist: DJ Deckstream feat. Pep LoveAlbum: Soundtracks (2007)I'm focusing on Website 2 today as dictated by my already drawn up editorial calendar. It's one article a day for the entire month split between two websites. I'm trying to make some days two articles. Anyway I have two writing tasks today. I have to get a review article up and I need to fini
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