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Last Update: October 11, 2017

Before I go any further, I would like to thanks all members who gave your like encouragement, motivation, suggestion, advice, congratulation and consolation (?) on the comment. Thank you all and appreciate very much.That proves that WA community is truly a caring and helpful community to be with.

It is interesting to learn that when a group of people seeing the same thing, you will get different responses. The responses you get may be the least you expected.

First thing first, Sponsor, for members who are still wondering who is your sponsor, scroll down to the very first few messages your received, at least one of them is from Kyle, the other either the first, second or third message shall be from your sponsor.

As for me, I received first four messages from Kyle and one message from another member then my sponsor. I wrote a reply to my sponsor, no like no response and never have a message from him since then. Kyle reply to my message and also commend on my early profile. I have change twice since then.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining as I think my sponsor has more to lost than me, I would have probably join most if not all the High Paying affiliate programs he listed on his site, but now I have to look for better sponsor from the same affiliate program.

For members who are not too sure where these messages came from, it is from here

You can find it from the aeroplane icon under messages.

If you have not written anything yet, please do so as this is where you welcome your new referrals and first contact with them. You also do not want your referrals saying they never know who is their sponsor.

The green colour shows that I have yet to written a message. The blue denotes message had been written and you can edit anytime.

Secondly, on 1 on 1 Coaching, I believe Mozmary has the answer we all should follow, and I quoted here "watch Kyle answer your questions, that is the one on one, the people who invite you are varied in expertise - you need to watch Kyle more than others in here ;)" Thanks Mary.

The other 1 on 1 coaching being the PM you can write to members who has different expertise as mentioned by Mary advice above, I believe the advice is from Mitch @MCrim. I did receive PMs from members advising me on certain things and I also PM to few members on my view. Sorry Mitch for dispute your comment in my reply earlier. Just want to stir up conversation. :)

This 1 on 1 is much better than a strict 1 on1 coaching that you pay ten of thousands $$$ to listen just to one person unless you specifically wanted to learn that special field, but online marketing business is a different playing ground. We need to have different view and perspective from different expertise.

Last but not the least, if my blog 100 Exactly Today sending out a wrong message to you that I am complaining which I am not, that is not my Intention; remember different perspectives, different responses.
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Marketeer1 Premium
Hi, you make many valid points. There has been a lot of talk surrounding sponsorship here within the WA community over the last few days...originating I think from a post by @PatsyC which was a good post, check it out.

The reality is, the mighty power of the autoresponder is at work...as is often the case like in every other aspect of the internet.

If you find WA via a 3rd party marketer..who in turn signs you up...then this is your official sponsor. The first emails that you receive from them is 9 times out of 10 a pre-configured autoresponder.

It always pays to do a little digging and to conduct a little homework into people before signing up through them...because like life, some are genuinely interested in your progress and some are not!

SK, thanks for a great post
Jaunesk Premium
Thanks Anthony you have been offering great helps especially on your 30 days email challenge.

Yes you are right on the power of Autoresponder, really need to work more on it.

Have written a review and probably will do a follow up post on optimising on AR.
Happy2Learn Premium
Ok cool, thanks for clarifying. Cheers
Jaunesk Premium
GailLowe Premium
Thanks for this. I don't have any people to sponsor as yet, but I think your advice is sound - I appreciate a personal approach and would value it. Thanks.
Jaunesk Premium
Hi Elizabeth, thanks for agreeing with my view.
MKearns Premium
You can return to anyone who helps you. And make a list. I for one would be glad to.
Jaunesk Premium
Hahaha. Mike I have a lot to learn from you. Anyway if anything I can help I will be glad to.