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October 15, 2017
"In order to carry a Positive Action We must Develop here a Positive Vision" Dalai LamaVery often, we work toward our goal with a Positive Action but somehow when success is near, we blew it away. Destroy whatever foundation that we had laid before. So we start again, and again we fail. What seems to be the stumbling block that blocks our success? Why is it that many people who work very hard, and some work hard and smart but the illusive success just elude them. They set goals, plan of action,
October 13, 2017
The 300 300, no I am not talking about the Movie 300 starring Gerald Butler and the Blue Stripes game which I have no idea what is it. I am a movie bug, always watch movie mostly action and science-fi with my better half. Just watch Gerald Butler Geostorm last night where Man try to play GOD and finally one man save the whole world. No prize for correct answer. My 300 is as at today, I have 300 friends in WA. While it may not be a big numbers as compare to some members who have ten of thousand
Before I go any further, I would like to thanks all members who gave your like encouragement, motivation, suggestion, advice, congratulation and consolation (?) on the comment. Thank you all and appreciate very much.That proves that WA community is truly a caring and helpful community to be with. It is interesting to learn that when a group of people seeing the same thing, you will get different responses. The responses you get may be the least you expected. First thing first, Sponsor, for memb
October 10, 2017
100 exactly, a little 100 shows up on the darker blue square next to my profile icon. How I wish the 100 can knock off the other 100 under the aeroplane icon. Wish being wish, work still have to carry on. The action from the Success Blue Print has to accomplish. Interestingly, I receive many comments on wanting to see what will be the result when the plan is carrying out consistently and persistently BY ME!I am not too sure how it will work out because I am like a blind man riding a blind horse
Yesterday I wrote that there is not Someday in a week and we need to do it now for our tomorrow. And as it ls someone heard my call, today I received an email on Seven Day Blue Print for Success. (I change the Title of the email and content to suit my case) :))Sunday - Write a Review Blogpost to add credential to your website.Monday - Provide 2-4 comments through the comments platform and ask for return comments for your new blog post.Tuesday - Update email newsletter to your Autoresponder camp
Today is Saturday. Read a blog, it said Today is Saturday. But my today is Sunday not Saturday. Interesting right? You are reading someone writing from your yesterday. Remember a Quote i came across sometimes ago, "Dreams are today's answer to tomorrow's questions" Edgar CayceSo whatever we do today, will provide the answer for our tomorrow. So what are we doing today in order that our tomorrow will have lesser question. Many people like to say, I will do it Someday!Now the problem is there is
October 06, 2017
Shopify stock drops $1.5B thanks to a lone bloggerThis is the headline I read in one of my email early this morning. It doesn't seems good to me when reading the headline as I had just joined Shopify and intended to build an ecommerce store later, still researching the best approach on how to.No, the article is Not a reverse psychology blog with a catchy headline and tells a different things. It is exactly what it headline says and the blog did bring shoplift stock to it knee.Anyone who read t
Wouldn't it be Great if everyday you received an email with such a notification. Never mind it is free trial member, important is they joined through your link. The next challenge is to bring to the attention of this new member on the unlimited potential of online marketing business and how to help him/her to start build his/her online business and bring him/her to WA community.
I can't remember who said this,"I rather take 1% of 100 persons effort than 100% of my own effort." I believe it was J. Paul Getty, American first Billionaire, correct me if I am wrong. It doesn't matter who actually said it, the point here is, how do we get 1% each from 100 persons effort? Many years ago, I did not understand the word leverage, not until I joined a Network marketing company then I started to see the power of leveraging. My group grow so fast and big that I did not know who is
Its exactly 2 months ago that I found Wealthy Affiliate and join as Free starter member and then upgrade to Premium on the 5th days and another 3 weeks paid a Full year subscription. If you ask me to produce a report card, at best I can only score a C+, not much has been done as compare to many members new or senior. I kind of slow in the training and course and building up the websites and promotion not because I am a perfectionist, just because I want to start at the right footing and spend t