You've Got Greatness Within YOU!

Last Update: Oct 10, 2019


Did you know that you've got greatness within you?

Yes, it's totally true.

Just recently, I attended a conference in New Kingston, Jamaica, featuring the world renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown.

I have always admired his speeches, along with other motivational speakers such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, etc.

So, when I found out that he was scheduled to speak on November 4, 2017, I made it a point of my duty to be there in person.

It was just awesome to be surrounded by a group of successful business leaders and like minded people.

A common mantra or theme that I noticed all the speakers had in common was the power of positive thoughts.

I have personally learned over the years that a man (or woman) becomes what they think about the most...

If you are thinking that your are a successful, industrious person, then you are definitely that person.

On the other hand, if you are thinking that you are a miserable failure, then you are also correct with that thought.

That is why it's SO important that you are standing guard to the door of your mind on a daily basis.

Every single day it's a battle between the forces of negativity and positivity.

Unfortunately, the negative forces seem to be more abundant than the positives, (you can hear and see it in the popular music videos, news, TV shows, etc) however, I have also learned that the positives forces are much, much more powerful than all the negatives.

It's all about injecting positive affirmation to the subconscious mind each and every day, and actually believing that you can achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.

So the message I want to convey to whomever reads this blog post is that YOU certainly have greatness within you to do whatever it is that you truly desire.

A great benefit of being a member here at Wealthy Affiliate is that you are surrounded by a group of mostly positive thinkers - people who will never break regardless of whatever adversity that may overtake them.

These are the people who are able to stay focused on their goals - and eventually achieve them no matter what obstacles they face!

Keep your mind positive always and go ahead - achieve greatness!

With my brother at the "Unleash Your Greatness Conference" - (time well spent)

Cheers to your success,


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"Keep your mind positive and go.."

I love it, and sadly crave that kind of personal reinforcement more than I'd like to admit. Comes with being a pessimist and trying to reform your ways, heh.

I heard something else today, pardon if I get a word wrong:

"Control your fears, lest you get carried away by them"

Something to that effect anyway. It spoke to me in ways that left me thinking about a lot.



I never heard of Les Brown, hmm maybe I'll check him out soon!

Oh yes! Les Brown is one of the most known and sought-after motivational speakers of our time. You should definitely check out some of his material on youtube.

A very inspiring read thanks Jason. I remember when I first listened to Tony Robbins, also very inspiring, my first knowing of Les Brown though. Positive and negative, these are all conscious decisions I think. When we come into alignment, it’s then we recognise our thoughts and actions more.

Have a good one there!

Glad you liked the post, Wayne. I am surprised that this is the first time you have heard of Les Brown. Look him up on youtube and watch a couple of his videos when you find the time. I think it will be well worth it!

Thanks for chiming in.

I will Jason, it’s nice to be introduced to new people, concepts and positivity! Thanks again.

Yes. You're the most awesome thing in existence!

You are truly a great man, Michael.

Hello Jason
Awesome to hear you are a big fan too, Les Brown is one otf those people heard him speak in Amsterdam - wasn't even really woking on the internet at that time - who truly inspired me, I never heard someone talk so full of passion and so positive I love to hear him say it YOU HAVE GREATNESS WITHIN YOU it gave me such vibration , every single person was hanging on his lips for a reason man he just hypnotized every one in the room with his voice, would love to hear him speak again, another item to put on my bucket list
thank you for sharing
and remember YOU have greatness in you

Hi, Nadia, thanks for passing through.

Yes, Les Brown is truly a legend. One thing I love about him is his humor while he is on stage, and this helps him to truly connect with the audience on a more personal level.

I am glad that you had the chance to meet him as well. Truly, one of the great speakers of our time.

Hello Jason! I am happy to meet yet another like minded being! Loved your blog. Yes... you ARE what you think. Unfortunately many of us learn to harness our thoughts at a much later stage of our life. This lack is what propelled me to help others; fortunately, I am now able to accomplish my life-long dreams. Please take a look at my website and tell me what you think. I would love to visit your site as well. Many blessings for you :))

I am very happy to meet you too, Janet! (I'll follow now) I really love connecting with like-minded individuals such as yourself.

I am truly delighted that you are now able to help and motivate others to achieve their dreams while you accomplish yours.

I will take a look at your site and provide some feedback as soon as I get some downtime. You are also welcomed to visit my sites listed on my profile.

See you soon!

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