Why Pay For Premium, Anywhere?

Last Update: May 27, 2018

Hey WA!

The last time I blogged here at WA, I had just returned from the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference after meeting up with Carson, Kyle, and the other members of WA for the second time.

This was all the way back in Feburary but rest assure, I still log on to WA each day to connect with my referrals and have been busy as well with my websites (actively working on 3 now).

What I wanted to share today is my thoughts on why paying a subscription or for premium service, anywhere, is usually worth it.

Why Pay For Premium, Anywhere?

I openly share on my profile page that you can probably gather enough information about starting a business online all on your own.

But without the right guidance and proven training, you can easily "spin your wheels a lot", leading to frustration and giving up.

Using a service like Wealthy Affiliate, which excels at teaching affiliate marketing/online business in general, and provides members with website hosting, security, technical support, a keyword tool, a smart and lively community, and so much more - makes it easier to establish yourself as an online entrepreneur and accomplish your goals.

See what's all included with Premium. (We got it pretty nice here!)

Compared, searching around for ways to start an online business on Google, or something similar, is like comparing free basic cable to a Premium HBO subscription.

With HBO, you expect excpetional service and entertaining TV/Movies otherwise you will just cancel your subscription. Which HBO knows so they provide quality shows/movies.

With free basic cable, while it's free, you get a lack of channels and support.

(Keep in mind, even while surfing the web for ways to create an online business, you will still need to pay for website hosting, domains, etc. to build the actual business). Things already included here.

The point is when you pay for a subscription somewhere, your paying for a better service/experience.

The purpose of paying for premium or a membership, particullary for online business training is to get access to:

  • Training that works, with up-to-date information
  • Support along the way
  • Results

Having proper guidance and tools is critical to your success.

WA has set the standard and surpassess "similar" platforms out there. Which is why I still recommend the service and training here to this day.

Why I Stay

I've been with WA for 3 years now and do not plan on leaving.

With ever growing changes online, I use the platform here to keep me up to date.

I get the most up-to-date information through the community here, live weekly videos hosted by Jay, and hearing directly from Kyle and Carson themselves.

Not only am I kept up to date, but I am continously learning and growing my own online business through these very resources.

So a big thank you to the community here!

Let's not forget mention of the website hosting, the support, security and so on.

I've never had any serious issues and know that my business is being hosted by the best.

For me, this is why I rely on WA's service, training, and community and will do so for the coming years.

It's why I pay for Premium.

There's Still Work to Do...

Even with everything you're offered, regardless of any course/opportunity you decide to pursue, there will be work to do in order to achieve results.

There's no such thing as a legitimate "done-for-you" business.

You have to apply yourself in order to see the results and you can do so here at your own pace and become successful.

Follow the lessons, lean on the community if you're having an issue or having trouble understanding something, use the tools provided to you here - and simply, do the work.

I remember joining as a Starter member and being completely "green" to online business. I completely bought into all the possibilities Kyle expresses in the training lol.

Well I did the work, gave it time, and my expectations were surpassed.

It's just a matter of following along and applying what you learn to your own business.

Do the work, and it could result in a life-changing online business.

Stay busy,


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You are right.
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Thanks for reading Ojiaku.
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I completely agree, I really struggled until I found WA :)
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Having and following a well laid-out plan makes life much easier.
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Thank you for your encouragement and expertise as well bro.

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Hey Tristen, sure thing!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!