Growth Is Happening!

Last Update: June 02, 2016

Just a quick post today....

I don't know about you all, but I've been having fun with this experience as a whole!

There were frustrating times early on (especially the first couple of months) and times where I was unsure if this was right for me or would pan out.

Fortunately, I hung in there.

I have NOT reached all of the goals I set out for myself early on and have a lot of growing to do.

But as a result of following the training;

Growth is happening!

For those feeling a little unsure, just realize it takes time. Every small action you do now towards your business counts.

For those who are very proactive with their business - you're going to kill it! (I need to get my a** back in gear!)

The idea of working and earning from the comfort of home still amazes me. It's also nice to get paid on a Wednesday!

If your stuck or confused about something, ask! You have an entire community here and ready to help.

Other then that, I suggest you stick close to the training, and to trust the process...

Good luck,

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sherlock77 Premium
Nearly 2 years in, having gone through the Bootcamp training twice, and with close to 300 posts on my website, I'm still not seeing the growth. Traffic is up and down and so are the sales. 100 new posts added in the past 4 months and my traffic is still the same, despite always doing thorough keyword research and selection in Jaaxy.

I would love to know what the secret is to more traffic, because I've followed the training here and in other places and still can't get any growth.
JasonHeard Premium
I've only focused on SEO. If you find any secrets, do let me know.
sherlock77 Premium
I don't have any secrets as yet. You're traffic is 15 times that of mine, yet we are both focusing on SEO. So I can only assume you must be doing something different to me.
AdrianPrince Premium
That's good advice.
JudeP Premium
Good points Jason, thanks for sharing :)
Sgreen2016 Premium
This is so awesome thank you, this is encouraging. ~Sherry
JasonHeard Premium
Good! Go get em!