Traffic Exhange Networks, What are they?

Last Update: December 09, 2015

I just read an article, that seemed intriguing, about Traffic Exchange Networks, like an affiliate link)

Does anyone out there have any experience with these types of networks? If so, was it a good or bad experience? And have you had any experinece specifically an affiliate link)

Thx for any help or shared experiences, it's greatly appreciated! :-)

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Martstervt Premium
Man Jason, you have responses from the WA gurus of web marketing.
Very good advice from experienced marketers. Thanks for bringing this up.

DaveSw Premium
Hi Jason!

I cannot speak about this particular tool, but in general I would think that getting the right kind of traffic is a better goal that just getting traffic..

There is a limited amount of time you have to dedicate to your online marketing business (this is true for me anyway), and you want to maximize it to help your ultimate goal: Getting sales and commissions (in the case of affiliate marketing)...

Why do I say this/think this way? If you have 10,000 site visits and not one takes action, because they are trying to get credits so others do the same for their site, at the end of the day you all have traffic, and.....what else?

The real goal, in my mind, is to have content on your site that will pull/drive targeted traffic to your site. By this I mean the visitors WANT to be there, they are looking for what you have.

You are providing information they need, solving a problem, offering tips they can use, etc...

These kinds of prospects (wanting to be there) will take action (of course you have to also point this out to them in some manner on your site, i.e. direct them to an opt-in page, a giveaway, an eBook, a video course, etc.)...

So once you have convinced such visitors that whatever you are offering is worth a name and email address from them, then you have to follow up, provide a series of emails providing more value...You confirm that their trust in you was a good move,,,

Do you see where I am going here....

Build trust over time, then...offer something of value they can use in their niche that you are an affiliate for, and BOOM - a sale! Commissions flow into your bank account!

I know this is a bit more than what you asked for, but I just wanted to point out why I would focus more of my effort writing good content and setting up my system to capture prospects, and becoming an authority to them, rather than visting other's sites that you may or may not be interested in...

This whole affilaite marketing (online marketing business in general for that matter) is like playing a game of chess. You make a move now knowing that three moves later you will have your desired outcome: win!

It all takes planning and execution, as in chess!

Dave : )
jasoncancino Premium
I hear you on the amount of time we have and mine is limited too...based on the responses thus far, it looks like I will put this on the back burner for now...and maybe take off completely. Thx for taking the time to respond! ;-)
PjGermain Premium
I used to use these all the time, "back in the day"....basically you sign up and agree to view other business owners websites in a special viewer. Then, as you view other websites, you "earn" website views of YOUR chosen webpage. Some vary as to the earning of the "hits" or views. With some, you have to view two sites to get one view to yours. But, if you entice others to join with your affiliate link (to the traffic exchange) you can then up your view earnings to 1:1.

The thing here is that you should check how many members they have. HitSafari has been around a while and has a large membership. But, you might soak that up quick. I would definitely install a tracking link so that you know how many folks visit or actually signup via this traffic method.

Oh, you can also just BUY hits (views).
PjGermain Premium
P.S...... I would definitely setup a Landing Page for this, if you go there. They are much more effective for this kind of traffic.
jasoncancino Premium
Thx for the advice, it was really helpful.
bronco549 Premium
Not worth the time you have to spend on them for little to no hits. Jim
jasoncancino Premium
Which one or ones did you use that you saw little results with? It sounds similar to the way we can earn comments here at WA except it is page views, is that a good comparison?