Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work?

Last Update: January 19, 2018

There are many variations for this search query, but everyone wants to know if wealthy affiliate actually works when they hear of it. Every now and then, you'll see someone in the chat box demanding that someone tell them how to cancel their account so they can 'leave this scam immediately'. If this is you and you haven't paid anything, you're free to go whenever :)! Because chances are you were looking for a a quick solution, a magic bullet to your financial woes, instead of realizing that the answer to this oft-pondered question is simple: of course the training at Wealthy Affiliate works. Just not always the way you expect it to.

To reiterate:

Wealthy Affiliate does not offer a solution to get rich quickly, nor has it ever claimed to. But do realize that you're learning a bunch of skills that, even when offered independent of each other, are extremely useful to people who don't have them!

Will the training here teach you to build a website? Yes, and now you can setup Wordpress for someone who can't.

Will the training at Wealthy Affiliate teach how to write helpful and SEO-friendly content? Well, now you can offer to do this for other people and their sites!

I started my website in October. It's earned a bit, it has about 120 members signed up to it, and I'm having fun learning with it.

But even if your site isn't earning you enough to kick back and quit your day job, you can still use the skills you've learned to earn money.

I've managed to land two writing gigs and I've been brought onboard a digital marketing company to create content and manage accounts by leveraging the skills learned here. This is all about 1/2 a step above the kind of work I could do without any trouble at all,so it takes a bit longer, but I'm confident I'll fill in the gaps as I gain experience.

Plus, I can always check right back here with the training and all of the helpful members who are always willing to lend a hand if I've got a question.

As for your own site:

Have patience! I just checked back on an older site that's ranking for things I never would've expected.

So, I wouldn't give up simply because you made a site and it's not earning $1,000,000 in 3 weeks. Go through the Wealthy Affiliate training- yes, all of it.

Now get creative and see what you can do with these skills for someone else!

Wishing you all a successful 2018, and a big thank you to all who have helped personally and through the training you've created!

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MKearns Premium
It works like lockstep!
Loes Premium
I don't know why people call this splendid education platform a scam, the things you can learn here alone is worth its money triple times even without earning one dime.
NickL1381 Premium
Some people don’t know how to get out of their own way. I’m new to This site and haven’t even completed my website yet but I can already see the value offered. $50 bucks a month is less then half of what many people spend on their cable bill. It’s money well spent for the knowledge you gain and the networking opportunities WA offers.
Tammycox Premium
I joined wealthy affiliate in November, I haven't seen any one call it a scam in the community. I haven't earned any money yet. That's right, I said, yet! I'm keeping up with my studies and keeping working. I know ill earn money. You'll get what you put in to it.
Jasnscott Premium
Definitely Tammy! I agree with you about the people referring to it that way as well-they’re certainly few and far between, and maybe they began with different expectations. Keep at it, and thanks for reading :)