Happy Canada Day! How many Canadians are here anyways?

Last Update: Jul 3, 2017


Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

I've been celebrating my home nations birthday here all day so far and plan to continue on well into the evening, Just wanted to drop a quick line to any of my fellow Canadian brothers and sisters here at WA!

I would love to find out just how many Canadians are here? What are your Niches?

I know you are Canadian Susan MacNeil!! But who else? And How are you celebrating our 150th Birthday!

Lets spread the love a bit eh? Double-Doubles on me!!



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Hi Rob,

On the planet Andromeda they had no internet connection to planet Earth, I was on holiday there for a week. So let me leave you a Happy Canada Day for next year 2018!

Who is that Dino? :D

Hey Joker!
Again very happy to see you have returned! That Dino is T-Bat, he's still young but looks fantastic in my opinion.

Hi Rob!
I'm a Canadian and happy to be here in WA! I'm in the Digital Marketing niche and check my profile for more!
Hope you had a great day and lots of fun celebrations to attend!

Hello Mj!
Yes we had a blast here, hope your day was full of festivities as well, thanks for stopping by!

Hope you had a great day, eh! Always enjoy all my Canadian WA folks. ATB Carson 1

All the best to you as well Carson, thanks for stopping by! Must have some Canadian blood in ya there eh? How do you feel about Coffee and doughnuts?

I'm not Canadian. I have been in and around Vancouver a few times and I do have a lot of Canadian friends that winter down here in the desert.... Coffee.... ummm..it's 111 here in the desert so I reserve the coffee for the cooler months. Ha .. see you around Carson 1

Woo! 111, I worked one summer in flagstaf when I was younger. I do not miss that summer desert heat. Stay cool friend

Hi, enjoy all the celebrations. Irv.

Thanks Ivine, was a great day!

Happy celebration! Im not Canadian but I would love hearing about all about it. Thanks for sharing.

Hey Moon!

Thanks for stopping by, Yes i am very proud of being Canadian, If you ever have any questions let me know!

Well Im from a different part of the world so I know next to nothing about Canada. Any info would be great. Im very happy to say I have started to know some Canadians here and getting to know you all better here through WA. You people are awesome!

well for starters we are located just above United States of America and are quite often referred to as "The Top Hat" of North America.

This is mostly because of our unique style in which it is mandatory for everybody that is publicly visible to be wearing formal wear after 6 p.m. local time.

Of course any infraction on our strict dress codes will surely incite exile via iceberg.
Simply put, if you do not dress well, you are sent off shore via a semi large piece of glacier into open oceans.

If you have been subjected to exile your personal belongings such as your chesterfield, bunny hug, Igloo as well as any whale blubber that you may have been in possession of will be donated to The Americans suffering under President Trump. Your family will be welcome to any other personal belongings.

Secondly It should be noted that Canada is the second largest country in the world.

Rank Country Area sq.km
1 Russia 17,098,242
2 Canada 9,984,670
3 United States 9,826,675
4 China 9,596,960

Thirdly I should mention that the average Canadian Male boasts the worlds most ruggedly handsome good looks (except Justin Bieber... Maybe when he is through with puberty) while our women are notoriously Gorgeous.

any questions I would be glad to entertain an answer there Moon, Thanks again for the comment!

Hey Rob,

I would love to visit Canada to see all the badly dress people floating on the iceberg, that would be one of my best sightseeing experience, maybe better than dolphins…

I will make sure to bring a huge trawler net to pick up all belongings, and hold a major garage sale. All proceeds to the suffering Americans as well.

As for the good looking males, I’m going to hold back judgement on that until I see one fine sample. Looking forward to receiving one in my mailbox soon.


You have a very kind heart. Yes it's important to not let any of the salvagable personal affects of the exiled improperly dressed ones go to waste. That would just be rude! I will update this blog with the example specimen.
Enjoy! ;)

Judy from Saskatoon!

Thanks for the compliments. To tell the truth, I hate to see things going to waste (even if they are from the improperly dressed, which is a major crime) and I rather do good for the majority.

Saskatoon! I worked up in Jansen for a bit a couple of years ago. Loved Saskatoon though. Beautiful town

you would make a fantastic Canadian Moon! We are a very resourceful people. And as you can see from the photo I added even our Dinosaurs are fairly well dressed!

That suit blown me away, can I order one for my own dinosaur, he needs to get better dressed.

And, I'm moving to Canada right away!

If you send me your prehistoric pals waist line and sizes I can have a suit prepared and pre ordered for your arrival (don't want your Dino to be improperly dressed)

Well, he is pretty picky and has strict requirements, so I'm not sure whether your suit would be up to his standards.

Try this: Very soft material like silk or gauze so it feels like he is wearing nothing, and yet it is strong enough to withstand any damage when he goes tearing through the forest. BTW, do you know I have to replant my forest 4 times a day, he is that active.

So, let me know when the suit's ready, and I will do a test run (and roar!)

excellent! A good healthy dinosaur will be like that. Do not concern yourself with the durability of material, I will ensure it is as durable and light as possible.

Do you just have the One dinosaur? or will you be requiring multiple suits?

I see you are a fine businessman. Looking at creating some babies, so more along the way! Hmm..maybe I should order a whole range of rainbow colors.

Oh boy Moon! Have you realized that somehow our conversation regarding Canada has developed into me selling you colourful suits for dinosaur Babies!?

Haha, thank you so much for brightening my day!
Ps) just request what colours you like, we are all out of burgundy and turquoise just so you are aware.

That's why I like conversations (both ways), you never know what we will learn about each other.

Ps: I take everything else in between :)

Yes! Who would have guessed that we both have dinosaur buddies and enjoy watching poorly dressed people get exiled via large floating chunks of glacier! Haha

I think our dinosaurs should get acquainted as well, they will have a blast of fun like we do :P

Happy birthday. I'm not Canadian but enjoy the holiday

Muchas Gracias!

This sounds great EH! I'm Canadian myself, well my Dad's Canadian. I grew up in Vancouver. So yeah beauty, I could go for a nice Tim Hortons donut and a double-double!

A donut, 2-4 and a nice relax on the chesterfield. No need for a bunny hug today as she is a real scorcher eh?

Hi Robert,

There are quite a few Canadians here.

Did you know Kyle, Carson and Jay are from Victoria, B.C.?

Two young Canadian boys started this amazing Wealthy Affiliate enterprise.

I did not realize that until Michael Kearns pointed it out to me.

Needless to say, that made me love WA even more!!!!

I will follow this post to see how many others fess up to being Canadian!

I will go in on the double doubles with you!

Cheers, Robert!


Hey Susan!
Thought I might see you here XD,

I didn't know that Carson and Kyle were both Canadian, that's awesome news!

I love that "see how many others fess up to being Canadian"

Thanks for Stopping by, and for your post earlier this morning celebrating Canada Day.

What did you get up to to celebrate?

We had a family BBQ and now we are heading downtown to the night time festivities.

How about you?

Spent the afternoon at a Canada festival with live bands and bbq, It was pretty hot so we followed up with the water park. Bit of a break, now back at the festival and will be waiting for fireworks!

Fun day!!!

You bet!

Oh Susan, that sounds like awesome fun. It's great to celebrate with family and do some catching up and bonding. Really nice to hear that! Enjoy the festivities, I wish I could go see.

Let's meet in Vegas, next spring!!! Wouldn't that be fabulous?

Fab idea! Really need to work hard on my site to achieve this goal. Going to Vegas, yes, that would be a dream come true!

ME TOO! I only have 300 more referrals to get!!!!

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