Struggling to find great images

Last Update: October 12, 2013

Hi all on WA.

Today I decided to get serious with my website and add some good visuals associated with my posts/pages on My content is coming along (in dribs and drabs but looks dull and uninspiring. So I'm trying to find and upload some really, really eye catching images that compliment my niche of cute dog clothing.

The problem I seem to have are firstly finding the right media and then having the permissions to use them. I've found a few on Wikimedia Commons but the majority say they need to be 'attributed' correctly - help!

Anyone have any ideas for me? Am I able to use any photos from retailers such as Amazon? Or a video from You Tube (not looked for one yet but I'm sure there will be some).

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L8Sunrise Premium
Try pixabay dot com. All the images are free and can be used commercially since it's all public domain. You don't even need an account, though it'll be easier to get around if you do.

Other than that, you can also find images on publicdomainpictures dot net. As the name suggests, the images are public domain and available for all to use.

The quality varies, but hopefully you will find something of use to you. No attribution is necessary in all cases, I believe (but it's worth double checking).
jangee Premium
Thank you I will take a look. I've found quite a lot of free images on Bing and I always check that I'm not treading on anyones's toes :0)
jangee Premium
I will sign up now thanks BIS, I'm not actually affiliated to anyone as yet. That's the next learning curve :)
BIS Premium
Suggest you sign up to for their first free 7 days. You will e able to download 35 free pictures and make sure that you cancel your subscription - before the final day. They have lots of nice dog pictures (in clothes). If you are an affiliate of Amazon you can use their product pictures.