Santa Claus is coming to town (soon)

Last Update: October 31, 2013

Just putting out a few feelers to see who is gearing up for Christmas and what they are doing to attract customers to their websites. Has anyone already started on their 2013 Christmas campaigns?

I've just really started thinking about Christmas today as, until now, all my efforts have been concentrated on the Halloween market. I didn't have much success with my Halloween promotions :( and was wondering if it is worthwhile repeating the very specific marketing I did or whether I should be more generic in my approach. I know that it is the busiest retail period of the year so it must be the best time to get traffic and sales :0) Has anyone had previous experience at this time of year and did they promote one product heavily or go for a wide range to tempt the customers into parting with their cash!!

My niche does lend itself nicely to everything festive - Santa costumes, toys, accessories and gifts ideas for your pets. I'm getting a bit excited now just thinking about what I could possibly do to attract customers to my website!

And it is less than 8 weeks away. Yooo Hoooooooo! My favourite time of year with family and friends.

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pisicamov Premium
damn it's almost upon us! I'll have to think of something.. :))
oilean Premium
Best of luck! Hopefully we'll all get something out of the festive season.
jangee Premium
Thank you and to you too!
georama Premium
All my good wishes for XMas n New Year.
tinamarie Premium
Wow! You are thinking ahead!!! Thanks, Tina