My First Commission Payment! $609 Into My Bank Account, KaChing!

Last Update: January 29, 2020

Hello WA Fam!

Today I am ecstatic, I just got paid paid my very first affiliate commission of $609! Who paid me? Clickbank!

I had been watching my commissions come in and payment status remain in CDR for months, I understood why, but today I log in and there....a beautiful message I have always been waiting for!

Now as many of you may already know,I am currently temporarily inactive and in terrible pain. I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Bad news for my business but I have been working slowly. With the help of Google Docs Voice typing I am producing a bit of content.

I will be better and get back to work fully.

I am so motivated ....I will be back!

May you all have a productive day ahead!


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MnD Premium
May we ask how long did this takes and we can not wait until our first commission. We are just curious about what's to come and other challenges along the way. Wow that must be a great feeling and make it all worth it of why you are writing.

JaneMahlehle Premium
Hi Matthew and Deloris
It took me 13 months to start earning commissions from outside WA. But a little under a year earn WA commissions.

But you see, that is my journey. Yours may be different. It all depends on your personal effort.
I Joined WA June 2018 with zero affiliate marketing knowledge. Zero website experience.

To see results quickly, learn a lot, quickly and take massive action. Never give up!
You will make it.
I wish you lots of success.
Stay safe.
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Congratulations and sorry to hear Jane, I am hardly on because I had to go back to work, only to keep paying my subscription to stay here. However, like you I am still seeing sales from Amazon (though not much) still happening in my website. Also referrals still coming in despite my not doing much in WA. It definitely works and very soon I will be back in full swing. Keep it up!
JaneMahlehle Premium
I’m so happy to see you here! Been long. Thanks my friend. Let’s keep going strong 💪. I wish you all the best.
Lucia110 Premium
Congratulations on your success, Jane!! You are an inspiration to me. I just got diagnosed with trigger thumb and it has slowed me down enormously. I will look more closely into Google Docs - as I haven't been able to get the dictation working. Best wishes on your healing.
All the best,
JaneMahlehle Premium
Hey Lucia
Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you find a way to do some work while you recover. I wish you a speedy recovery 🤞
Kiki2808 Premium
Hello Jane
I am really looking forward to your first earnings and I am glad when someone from the WA platform makes a profit, and his effort and work eventually pay off. I have to admit, then, a spark of hope ignites in me, too, that all this work will eventually be rewarded. I work two jobs, I have a son, 4.5 years old, who is looking for attention and love because I am at work all day, and when he goes to sleep I stay for a few hours at the computer, learning and trying to find a way to work from home, how I could spend more time with my family. Once again, sincere congratulations and I look forward to your success as if it were my own. Best regards from cold Zagreb, Croatia.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Thank you. I’m inspired by how hard you work. Keep going strong. Your hard work will finally be rewarded. I wish you all the best 💪
Giuseppe6779 Premium
Please someone answer me. How many contents of mine need to be ranked before I make some real money? Google has ranked five of my contents and I've not still made any amount of money right up till now. How many more contents do I wait to be ranked to get some money?? Or what do I do?? Please can someone share his content and ranking progress with me that led to money? Please
JaneMahlehle Premium
The fact that your content is getting ranked is already a step in the money direction. However I must say, it’s not necessarily how many get ranked ( it’s a plus to rank many), rather a matter of relevance and how engaging your content is. It also matters how you place your CTAs.
I hope this helps. Please don’t stress. Feel free to come back in case you need help.