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Hello WA Fam!Today I am ecstatic, I just got paid paid my very first affiliate commission of $609! Who paid me? Clickbank! I had been watching my commissions come in and payment status remain in CDR for months, I understood why, but today I log in and there....a beautiful message I have always been waiting for!Now as many of you may already know,I am currently temporarily inactive and in terrible pain. I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Bad news for my business but I have been working slowly. With
January 20, 2020
Hello WA FamilyI am going to be brief because as my tittle says, im finding it really hard to type. This is so painful and it's stressing me out big time. For 2 weeks now I have been struggling with typing. My right hand is the one with the issue. It feels like my fore and middle fingers are asleep the whole time. When I try to type it becomes painful. I believe I have RSI (repetitive strain injury). I plan to visit the doctor now that it seems to be getting worse. I tried resting longer but
January 07, 2020
Hello WA Family!Happy New Year From Uganda!Did You Check Your Website Health Lately? You probably have... using WA Site Manager or any other tool like Ubbersuggest. There's lots of free site health analysis on the internet and one that I found lately is Site Checker, a SEO Audit checker which tells you any issues your website may have. They have both the free web scan and the paid option.I use the free option because they can 20 pages for free and I found it very helpful. I was able to identif
Hey FamilyI am in a bit of a keyword dilemma here and I need some help making a decision; AVG TRAFFIC QSR KQI SEOOption 1: 152 26 14 Great 96Option 2: 72 13 0 Great 97Which way would you go in this situation?
Hello lovely WA Family!Today I just want to share something short with you guys. This is nothing earth shuttering. I believe its more of a cliche even.Do what you love and it wont feel like work...something along those lines.As I write this Im not feeling well. But I am so motivated to keep working on my website that I decided to ignore this pain that's nagging me. I am working on something new and I love my niche. I feel like a new person. Ideas just keep flowing. Its so sweet.My point is,C
Hello WA Family!I have 2 pieces of information to share with you. First the bad news:This morning I borrowed my daughter my car to go run her tiny errand and unfortunately she scrached someone else's car. It wasn't a major damage on the other car, however my car is badly damaged. That left me feeling low for the rest of the day.I dealt with the owner of the other vehicle who was being impossible and utterly ridiculous, asking me to pay him unreal amounts of money. Luckily I managed to calm him
How Do You Deal With Negative And / Abusive Comments?Getting organic comments on our websites is always a welcome and exciting thing. It means your content is getting the exposure it needs, which is ultimately good for your business.But not all comments are positive.Some are negatives and others downright abusive.So, Today was my "lucky" day. I have had this product review on page 1 on SERPs for quite some time now. It is basically an expensive "Affiliate Marketing" Training Program which prom
Happy does not even come close to how I am feeling right now!I found out that 3 of my posts appear on Page 1 in Google. These are actully some of the most recent posts. It means I finally did something right. I thought it would take me years to finally get ranked first page on the Mighty G. Oh it has happened!!!There are no miracles or secrets, its just that I love following the training on Wealthy Affiliate. I implemented everything I learned about Search Engine Optimization, Mostly from our
Hey FamilyJust a quick hello to let you know that today I took a plunge and created my first mini tutorial . It is about creating simple CTA Buttons in the Wordpress Editor. I found this method much more easier than having to go out to another website, create a button and find a way to get it to your post. I am pretty sure that many of you already knew this method. But I know that some people were not aware so I believe they will benefit.You can view my tutorial here:https://my.wealthyaffilia
Greetings Lovely WA FamilyI have just recieved a 1 year dedication badge and I have no enough words to express how happy I am to be here in the company of amazing people.When I joined WA a year ago I was "lost" and scared of what my finacial future holds. I had just been burned by an online marketing scam and this created an avalanche of problems in my family relations. I was depressed and highly skeptical as I kept searching. And then I came across Wealthy Affiliate. At first the name kin