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So, I bought a brand new domain name today in anticipation for my future business ventures.I had been wanting to diversify my business portfolio a little bit. I still will after my long break. But I thought it’s best to buy the domain name and let it marinate. After 3 days of searching I finally landed on the acceptable name. Phew, all the names I wanted were taken! Unbelievable!But through trials and failure I must say I have learned a few more lessons about searching for domain names. T
Hello WAnderful Family,Yesterday when I logged into my WA account I was greeted with a 2 Year Dedication Badge. I almost jumped with shock. Where did the time go?Lately it is increasingly tough for me to work due to my CTS and I often feel demotivated. I amlost didn't write this post because I felt like what's there to celebrate anyway. But I was wrong, there's a lot to celebrate. Had I not joined this platform 2 years ago, I wouldn't have met such an amazing group of people who keep encour
This is for Affiliate Marketing Beginners...As Affiliate Marketers, we are in the business of helping people make informed decisions before buying products in our niches. More often than not you will find yourself having to teach your target audience about how your product works, the benefits, etc.For some physical products you will go to the extent of showing how to take care (clean and store) a certain product e.g. lawn mowers.Regardless of what niche you are in, you’re going to have to
As part of my learning Process here at WA I have been creating some training Tutorials to share a few resources with the community. I am No Training expert and I made mistakes. In my latest tutorial on Free Pro Themes, I got my pages mixed up and I couldn't edit after publishing. I feel so stupid right now!!I am sorry guys, please bear with this learner.
Hello WA Family!!Today I log into my Amazon Associates account and I find that I have been making sales on consecutive days. I wish they were substantial commissions but that's besides the point. The point is my baby site (less that 6 months old - with 16 articles) is making money!I'm ecstatic That's the first piece of good news.The other day I wrote a post and published. I dont even know what I was hoping for but I checked and found it Page 1 Posistion 1 on Google! A little pat on my back. B
Hello Lovely WA Family,Just a brief note about my birthday. Im turning 43! Wow!I am so happy and thankful for my life. I am sobered by what's going on in the world right now...I am celebrating my birthday under lockdown. It doesn't matter. At least I have a birthday to celebrate.Also, for the first time on my birthday I am so aware of how close this day is to the anniversary of My Mother's death (May 8th, 2000). May Her Beautiful Soul Rest In Peace. Anyway,I don't want today to be a sad day. Wh
Hello Lovely WA FamilyI am pretty sure that my heading says it all. Yes, sometime around August 2019 I found myself in a bit of a dilemma, the cause of which was own mental weakness. When you read my Bio. you will notice that I come across as sorta a stong willed person. That' s how I know myself. But even with the strongest minded people, there's a moment of weakness and I too had one. 'Goes to show that I'm not that strong after all. LOL!Building A Sustainable Business Takes Time And A Hef
Hello WA Fam!Today I am ecstatic, I just got paid paid my very first affiliate commission of $609! Who paid me? Clickbank! I had been watching my commissions come in and payment status remain in CDR for months, I understood why, but today I log in and there....a beautiful message I have always been waiting for!Now as many of you may already know,I am currently temporarily inactive and in terrible pain. I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Bad news for my business but I have been working slowly. With
January 20, 2020
Hello WA FamilyI am going to be brief because as my tittle says, im finding it really hard to type. This is so painful and it's stressing me out big time. For 2 weeks now I have been struggling with typing. My right hand is the one with the issue. It feels like my fore and middle fingers are asleep the whole time. When I try to type it becomes painful. I believe I have RSI (repetitive strain injury). I plan to visit the doctor now that it seems to be getting worse. I tried resting longer but
January 07, 2020
Hello WA Family!Happy New Year From Uganda!Did You Check Your Website Health Lately? You probably have... using WA Site Manager or any other tool like Ubbersuggest. There's lots of free site health analysis on the internet and one that I found lately is Site Checker, a SEO Audit checker which tells you any issues your website may have. They have both the free web scan and the paid option.I use the free option because they can 20 pages for free and I found it very helpful. I was able to identif