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December 14, 2020
Just a short one to find out if anyone else is having issues with YouTube. I have been having problems for the past 1 hour...Is it just me or something is going on?
Wow! Today has mostly been a typical Monday for me...I hated getting out of bed today but what is a woman to do!Been mostly sleepy the whole day and I could not get myself to do anything productive. Just now I thought I thought I should put on my headphones and listen to Classic music. it always makes me happy. Great decision! I was immediately awake and flowwing with ideas on what to write about. Though still a slow and tedious process, I am getting back to publishing. Yes I am very grateful
Honestly ,I had decided to not put any more effort in maintaining my Wa Rank. I had slipped to 240's and Was fine with it.As I am healing (slowly) I decided to use my time maximally focusing on my websites. I still have a lot of pain, so it means i'm not really doing much.So I'm busy minding my business and this Top 200 notification pops up out of nowhere and I almost jumped. So I do care after all?Nah!But I wont lie it feels kinda good to be back and knowing myself, I might just try to maint
Hello Wealthy Affiliate FamilyIm sharing with you a bit of exciting news I received today.There's a complete stranger who runs a beautiful site, who reached out to me complementing one of my articles. And he asked me if I was willing to link to one of his brilliant pages related to my particular post. I know that he knows that would benefit him, of course. No problem with me on that one since he has a great site. I must admit, I have never had any experience with these Backlink collaborations
Try Saying "Fresh Crisp Greenbacks" 3 times!How was that?Ok Family, silliness aside now... I thought I ought to share with you some great news, Yes, I have been paid commissions and I am over the moon. You see, to me this is worth sharing, to inspire those of you who are (new) and yet to make your first comissions. I have been here for 2 years plus and I came in as a green, green skeptic newbie. I would read stories of people who were already earning affiliate commission and think...good luck
None!There are Seven days in a week and Someday is NOT one of them.So if you’ve been putting off doing something, waiting to it Someday, time is running out. The time to take action is now:Waiting to upgrade to Premium Someday ?Can’t start building your website because you don’t have time now?That important book seems too big to start reading, perhaps start it Someday?What about your daily exercise? Another day?I could take the whole day listing.Procrastination kills dreams.So
Hello Wealthy Affiliates!Let me share with you some news that made me happy today.1. My Google Adsense Pin Has Finnaly Arrived After 3 Months.I was notified back in May that Google Ads wont be showing on my website because I haad not yet verified my residential address. Indeed they stopped showing and by that time I had already earned $21.37. They told me my PIN was posted. I waited and waited until Yesterday when when the Postman called and told me to pass by the post office. Great! I have
So, I bought a brand new domain name today in anticipation for my future business ventures.I had been wanting to diversify my business portfolio a little bit. I still will after my long break. But I thought it’s best to buy the domain name and let it marinate. After 3 days of searching I finally landed on the acceptable name. Phew, all the names I wanted were taken! Unbelievable!But through trials and failure I must say I have learned a few more lessons about searching for domain names. T
Hello WAnderful Family,Yesterday when I logged into my WA account I was greeted with a 2 Year Dedication Badge. I almost jumped with shock. Where did the time go?Lately it is increasingly tough for me to work due to my CTS and I often feel demotivated. I amlost didn't write this post because I felt like what's there to celebrate anyway. But I was wrong, there's a lot to celebrate. Had I not joined this platform 2 years ago, I wouldn't have met such an amazing group of people who keep encour
This is for Affiliate Marketing Beginners...As Affiliate Marketers, we are in the business of helping people make informed decisions before buying products in our niches. More often than not you will find yourself having to teach your target audience about how your product works, the benefits, etc.For some physical products you will go to the extent of showing how to take care (clean and store) a certain product e.g. lawn mowers.Regardless of what niche you are in, you’re going to have to