At a Crossroads - Can You Help?

Last Update: April 24, 2016

When I first started at WA I had imaginations about how I was going to be an internet businessman. I have realised that unless you are either only selling digital software, or your services then you are going to need something Real and Physical to sell.

So I have a product which I would like to sell directly through my website, as well as on Amazon, Etsy and other selling platforms. However this obviously requires time to rise through the rankings as it does when you are creating content for google.

The thing is... When I started to think about a business online I wanted to be able to travel at the same time. Being able to combine work and travel for me is the dream, and I know that someday I will achieve my goal. BUT, I realise with selling merchandise, will probably not be the best route to achieve the digital nomad lifestyle I want.

I could do anything, its always good to learn new skills and to be able to sell online and make a shop to let people know about your products. Through social media and other platforms we have now this is a great possibility. But at the same time I want to have the freedom to leave my home and be abel to work from anywhere, whether it be in Australia, Austria or Amsterdam.

I feel at a crossroads, I can go anywhere with an internet business and I am only looking forward to learning new skills and see what lays in front of me! Please let me know your thoughts and any experiences you have. I would love to find out of others with a similar situation to try and uncover what I should be investing my time in to.

Many Thanks,


P.S. If you want to check out my website to see what I have been up to so far...

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Caraid Premium
Well the Amazon option is the easiest for the nomadic type. You could ship your physical products to Amazon warehouses in lots and make use of their fulfillment by Amazon service (FBA). Amazon will then handle the shipping to your customers. You could also them promote your own products as an Amazon associate (Affiliate program).

Amazon obviously charge for this service but it does give you the freedom and lack of shipping and returns stress.
jammysammy Premium
Thanks, I think it is a good option too. FBA seems to solve quite a lot of these issues without having to handle and ship items to every individual customer!
JudeP Premium
Just one little thing, this is not the place to ask for feedback, take a look at the rules regarding spam. But, thanks for sharing and creating a blog post, it's all part of a learning curve :)
jammysammy Premium
Hi Jude! Whoops, I forgot, Sorry! Its going to take a while but i know that is where the satisfaction comes from once success is achieved! :)