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It doesn’t take money to get rich. It takes education.
-Robert Kiyosaki

It is my duty to serve as an liaison to the ordinary person in understanding how to make money from the internet.

To inspire evolving entrepreneurs looking to educate themselves on profitable online business opportunities.

There is so much information about online business opportunities. It can be a challenge to know what information you ought to listen to.

Knowing what information is accurate information takes a little time and research. This will manifest the blessing of making legitimate money online. The time it takes to learn how to make money from the internet and apply the knowledge is the key to success.

Education is the Key to Success in Life.

Education is significant in designing our future as successful people in our society. A higher education will cultivate skills, meet the job requirements of specific industries. This kind of statement would usually pertain to someone going to a 4 year university or college.

But a higher education isn’t only a 2-4 year university or college. There is information available to those who seek it. It doesn’t have to have the price tag of a traditional higher education. Yet, it is effective if not more effective than a 2-4 year college degree.

I know what I said may seem controversial but I have my reasons. The debt that I have accumulated doesn’t amount to the education that I received.

My goal is to one day be stable and experience wealthy living. I know it will take more than money to get me there. The education and support of Wealthy Affiliate far exceeds my college degree.

Wealthy Affiliate University has what you need to make money using the internet. This is a fact!

Don’t let me miss lead you here, I have made some money but not what I could have made. I’m not where I want to be yet. It is overdue that I refocus my focus energies on what I know works and stay consistent.

A year ago I shared my decision to upgrade from the free membership to the premium one. Whelp, I’ve remained a member. I still haven’t made the money I would like too that will lead me to financial freedom & security.

To be a little transparent, it is not because of the system within Wealthy Affiliate. It was more so because of my own issues. Issues that included losing a loved one. My spouse receiving a not so good diagnoses, laziness and procrastination. And the list goes on!

The Road To Financial Freedom!

Have you ever read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”? If you haven’t you should definitely read it. If you have then you are familiar with the Cash Flow Quadrant.

The Cash Flow Quadrant is a way to categorize people based on where their money comes from.

I don’t know about you but I want to take control of what I do today to change my financial destiny.

If you agree and would like to chart your course on the road to financial freedom then its time to get started.

The CASHFLOW Quadrant represents the different methods used for income and money. Methods of income generation need technical skills, education, and different types of people.

Each of us resides in at least one of the four quadrants. Where we determine where our cash comes from.

Where Do Your Money Come From?

Many of us are employees who rely on paychecks, while others such as myself are self-employed. Employees & Self-employed individuals live on the left side of the cash flow quadrant. Business and Investment individuals live on the right side of the cash flow quadrant.

The people within each share common characteristics. While financial freedom is in all 4 quadrants. Businesses and Investments will help you reach your financial goals.

The two different lessons Robert Kiyosaki's two Dad’s taught him about money & life choices. Influenced my drive to want to know more. And I want to understand how to get there without wasting my time.

See, My dad who was a musician did not give the best money advice. He would always tell me “a little money is better than no money at all.” Which is true but he never showed me how to get the money! Go figure!

Robert Kiyosaki, my Rich Dad has given me a new perspective on money & financial freedom. He is the reason I sought after profitable online businesses. This led me to Wealthy Affiliate University.

I have moved from an employee quadrant to an self-employed/small business quadrant.

I am transitioning to the business quadrant. By establishing profitable online business opportunities. I also own my on customer call center that I operate from home using the internet. I had to change my path of an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one.

I had to learn what an entrepreneur was and not the one written in the dictionary.

The definition of an entrepreneur. "A person who organize and operates a business or businesses. Taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so."

An entrepreneur is someone who claims a problem and decides to own the process. Finding a solution to that problem. And that solution creates tremendous value in the lives of others.

Problem + Solution = Creates Value.

I don’t believe an entrepreneur defines what they do. I believe an entrepreneur defines who they are. Entrepreneurship defines the role an entrepreneur plays. Weather they run their own business or work for someone else. Entrepreneurship is so much more than running or launching a business.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset.

Someone can apply entrepreneurship to pretty much every part of life. The term "employee" is starting to disappear from these companies more and more each day. Trust me you have to change the way you think. About education, jobs, business, the internet, your finances and your time.

I want to share the basic steps to take to make money on the internet.

How To Make Money Online Using The Internet!

Step 1: Become a student of Wealthy Affiliate University (WA) by signing up for free here. To experience the full benefits and experience of WA with all its valuable information you can upgrade from your free account to the premium here.

Step 2: Choose an Interest. This can be anything. Any interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with.

Step 3: Build a Website. The website is your foundation. We have the most sophisticated features. A rich website and hosting platform here at Wealthy Affiliate in SiteRubix.

Step 4: Attract Visitors. You are going to be learning all about how to get traffic and visitors to your website. The first focus is FREE traffic and there is A LOT of it out there.

Step 5: Earn Revenue. Once you have people on your site and traffic, you can earn revenue. There are so many ways you can monetize traffic online!

Here is a visual of one of the methods you will be doing to make money using the internet.

The goal today with this post is to show you where you are. To guide you in charting your course to financial freedom using Wealthy Affiliate University. I want you to know making money online is very doable. Creating passive streams of income is the goal.

Figure out which quadrant you fit in. Be ready to move beyond job security and ready to achieve financial security. Be ready to learn, be consistent, and don't give up! Wealthy Affiliate will help you to achieve this goal. I refuse to give up until I have reached my dreams.

How about you? Have you given up? Have you signed up for your free account? Have you made the decision to upgrade your membership to premium? What are you waiting for? Leave your comments in the forum below!

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Great post Jamie. I have also read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it's a wonderful book chock full of insight about how to succeed.


@Lynnsam61 Thank you! Oh yeah its a great book indeed!

A great post. Thank you for sharing. Rich Dad has so much good information to offer. I have his email and am doing his email training as we speak.



Thank you for your comment! This book influenced my decision to trust the process of Wealthy Affiliate! That's why I am a proud member of the premium. Rich Dad is one of my favorite mentors! I wish you well on your journey!

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