4 years of enjoying WA

Last Update: October 11, 2013

I joined the WA family 4 years ago today on October 11th 2009.

I want to send a shout to the WA family worldwide, you truly are amazing people.

Sending a special shout to Jay, Kyle, and Carson; every morning I wake up to conversions, I always tip my hat to you, these are all your moves.

I believe in WA, you will find me here 20 years from now.

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IslandMike Premium
4 years solid -- and I went and read some old posts on the old forums and find it all very enlightening and encouraging that WA had a few bumps and pimples, just like us normal folks are not perfect either.
ChrisDB Premium
Thanks so much for sharing, Jamie. I read your awesome profile, it's wonderfully inspiring. I know that if you 'follow your passion the money will come' and it's great to learn of another real-life example of it. Blessings! -Chris :)