Keep it Simple and Work Hard

Last Update: March 06, 2018

I just watched a review video by Kyle of the 4 basic steps to creating an online business, it was refreshing to review these step in this new moment in time. As we move forward with we can (as I did) get caught up in the process steps. Theme decisions, what plugins to use, which pictures should I insert, how many words makes for good content and so on. And, lose sight of just how simple we ought to keep it.

Without Traffic I'll not have a business.

Things I am able to control.

  • I'm able to control how often I add content to my site
  • I'm able to control which keywords I'll create content around
  • I'm able to control the quality of that content and it's value to my visitors
  • I'm able to control my learning and skill development
  • I'm able to control whether I persist with this business

I cannot control how the sum of money I might make or whether visitor will purchase anything through my site.

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pinclip Premium
All so true, Good Looking Out.
Shields High
JerryMcCoy Premium
you will find that with time you are able to control more and more. just keep doing the training and you will do well
skendrick4 Premium
That is something we all need to remember. Thank you.
amwoodard29 Premium
Very good reminder for the lot of us❣
Thanks for this James❣