What is your time's value?

Last Update: March 26, 2016

One thing I have learnt in this new social engineered econonomy is that you become a familiar face in certain establishments. the results ; You gain new acquaintances, business acquaintances, and UNFORTUNATELY, SOME WHO CANNOT recognize that when You have your head down with InkPen in one hand, and one hand on your laptop Keyboard, and your ears embraced by your favourite sound generator, that you are BUSY!

How do you deal with this?

Find a location; safe and unfamiliar to you. Make no friend there, tell no one where you go to study, answer emails.

Make your hours count for something.

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JulietAA Premium
You are so right. Nobody realises I need my "me" time. I need to go get it somewhere out there!
mijareze Premium
Hello JAHBOBCLATO! Having alone time can be a problem unless you plan wisely.
SadieChan Premium
It's a good thing that everyone leave me alone, so much so that some days, I doubt whether they knew my existence. Regards Sadie.
whitsunday Premium
I've trained my regulars to beg for permission to interrupt my work. They don't always get permission. Lol
Dustinb Premium
I unfortunately can't do this. If I want to work somewhere other than home in my area, I need to make friends with the owners. Honestly, I just let it be training in multitasking, lol. You wouldn't believe how much better I've gotten at talking while doing a million other things, lol