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Last Update: April 12, 2016

Two peculiar incidents happened with me this past weekend.

1. I was in a restaurant with a friend getting dinner.

2. I w as in my usual internet WI-FI hotspot establishment, doing the busy.

The first incident involved the observation of another guest, who was seated in the table just behind me and my long time college buddy.

The Guest , in question, had chimed in on a comment, that My friend and I, made regarding the unusual rain we had last weekend in Los Angeles. After we finished our meal; The lady was on her way out: she had to pass within 3 feet of us to notice the large order and special appetizer we ordered.

Se, again Stopped and commented with my lady friend, on how good that item is, and, she described it ..BY PRICE.."...

"Hmmmm!", I thought to myself... "People without financial concerns usually do not pay attention to the price of a food item" I thought to myself.

We were cordial; She was nice and respectful and neighborly, and we indulged in the little chat.

as I listened to her, I gathered that she was just your average Jane, in her 50's, making ends meet. Nothing wrong wit that; I was just observing.


Second incident.

Now I was in my favorite Coffee shop with a WI-FI Hotspot.

Sitting at my table, Laptop opened up, my headsets on to block out the baby talk around me. Just before I sat down and set up office...I was wearing my CSULB Letterman's Jacket.

Now..There were two young gents facing the large glass pane that allowed them to see me drive up. I saw them, but I paid no attention to them.

[ I will describe my car in a bit.]

Then. .after zi secured my favorite table, I noticed , one of the young gents was wearing a U.C Irvine sweat shirt. The two gents were U.C Irvine students.

That got my.. attention. I introduced myself, they did likewise. I discovered that they were on a similar path as myself; They came to the Marina Del Rey area to meet with other entrepreneurial friend to discuss plans.

We share ideas and concepts, and one of then made a reply to something I said regarding the idea that in order to financially flourish, one has to be a business owner, not a time card puncher.

One said, yes I can tell by what you pulled up in here with.

[ I own a used 2003 benz ml350]

I said, oh no, I bought that thing used, [ me, trying to be humble. ]

So, the one fellow judged my mindset by what, maybe, in his mind, is a signature of well doing..??!!

I did not volunteer much info, but to introduce them to the Insurance and financial service business I do on the side.

What all that taught me was this:

How do people see you?

How do the public perceive you? What vibes, and mindset are we broadcasting?

What you display ourselves as, will attract like minded people to yo, well desired customers, and also, people looking for an opportunity.

Stay ready folks.

.. More to come soon.

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JulietAA Premium
Hmn....... It would be interesting to hear what people say about me. I'm always the one trying to look below the surface!
oh . . they will let yu know.
Debbi26 Premium
People DO pay attention to how you dress, what you drive, how you act more than you realize. In fact, YOU often speak louder than your words. ~Debbi
catlady13 Premium
So true. One of my nephews was into the leather and studs look in high school. He was interviewing for jobs and getting no results. I asked him what he wore to the interviews and he said casual clothes and his studded leather jacket. I told him to try a little experiment the next time he went to an interview, wear a suit with a dress shirt and tie. He rolled his eyes and said it wouldn't do any good. The very next day he came over in a state of excitement. He had gotten a job and the boss told him he was impressed with how professional he looked. Everyone else had shown up for their interviews in inappropriate casual clothing. He liked the professional dress of my nephew. Lesson learned, he got rid of his leather and studs that night.
See... what I mean.
JudeP Premium
Thought-provoking, thank you :)