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Last Update: March 18, 2016

I recalled a phone call I had today with an old friend.

We caught on some missing time, seeing that we meet about once in a blue moon.

This is how us guys are; We pick up where we left off 3 years ago.. and move further forward, then break off another few months. Unfortunately, and even though we were friend in college,and are still good friends, he will not see the logic on how I do the insurance business. He , i guess did not notice the Starbucks model. Starbucks did not invent Coffee, but they re-invented the distribution method.

This is how I do Insurance; I do not sell, I educate my prospective client on the values of saving money and protecting their most precious concerns.

Guess what folks; Some of our acquaintances will try to mold your journey to success based on their idea of success, without giving consideration to the exposure and training you already have and have used to make some head-way.

Some, who are skeptics with regards with what you do, will attempt to advise you otherwise; They will attempt to guide you based on their limited understanding; Believing that they have the sum total of all understanding about what you do, when, in fact, they have not been to the mountain op.. .so-to-speak.

Such people have a lack of understanding and are still bound by the employee mind-set.

They may have encountered flaky business folks who try to pull underhanded schemes, without learning the true nature and proper procedures of what they appear to represent.

Now, you and I, and others among who posses a license to do certain kind of business which is conducted via face to face interaction, will come across such individuals.

I discovered today that, their attempt to set you straight, based on their fears, and their being bound to the conventional ,and traditional methods of conducting business, revealed to me that , they are totally unaware of the new paradigm of business, the new social engineering methods.

Now, I observed this with a friend, whom I knew for years.

I hope this is not confusing.

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Martstervt Premium
Hi Jahbob, our friends often mean well but as you say they just don't understand. Thanks for sharing,

RobinHudson Premium
Not confusing at all! There's a different way of doing business, and we've tapped in...
Debbi26 Premium
This is not confusing at all. So many people just don't understand and that's ok. It's the ones that don't WANT to understand. ~Debbi
Sheila50 Premium
I understand where you are coming from. I have many friends and family that think I will never make it and do no understand it can be done if we love what we do and put our time and energy where it needs to be.

Gaylon Premium
Hi JahBob, I can relate to your experience. I think most of us, if not all, can. Thanks for sharing. All the best! ~Gaylon