A Slow Start

Last Update: June 29, 2020

I am still just starting out here at WA. I've created a few posts and I'm excited about the potential my niche holds.

My biggest obstacle for a while was finding and settling on a domain name, since everything close to the name of my website was already taken. I ended up setting on one that I really like and that's pretty memorable, even though it's not even close to the name of my website. I'm hoping that that goes well.

The other main thing I'm struggling with is finding time to work on this stuff in the midst of my hectic life. I was working full time and finishing my degree; now I'm still working full time and am taking a class to get my real estate license. If anyone has any time-management advice, I'd love to hear it!

I know that it's important to make time for these things and not just hope that it'll happen eventually, but I'm excited to eventually actually have more free time. I plan to spend a lot more of it delving more deeply into and dedicating more time towards building my website and creating content here, which will hopefully happen once I start making money selling houses and can quit my full-time job.

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're doing well, Jade!

megawinner Premium
Hi Jane. Take it easy. Have time to think about every important part of your journey. But you must arrive with your decisions soon enough. Florentino
Karin13 Premium
Finding time is a difficult task. I had to drop a few things I really enjoyed in order to make time. But honestly, I really don't even miss those things much now that I am focusing on my business again.

I dropped many things, like video games and excess TV watching.
I work full time (except now during COVID-19, I am down to about 30 hours a week).

I balance the time when I am not at work (working form home) with my family meaning time with my spouse and granddaughter.

It can be very busy, but it can be done!

With 2020 vision,
Karin 😁
elvenjewel7 Premium
The things I found most helpful is take some time daily to work on your business. Even fifteen minutes but something.

You will incrementally reach your goals this way.

My husband is my cheerleader; couldn't do this without him. When I lack motivation or am stuck in procrastination, he is there to lift me up and encourage me. Indispensable!!

So find support ask for help! That is what I like about WA lots of that here!
jadeb113 Premium
I do need to get better about working at it a little every day, and I should get my boyfriend to push me more. I have found the support on WA to be incredible; it's blown me away!

Thank you for your advice!
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Jade, it can be a challenge coming up with that domain name, looks like you own your decision.

It also looks like you have a solid plan to move forward with.

Best wishes.
jadeb113 Premium