Kicking Goals

Last Update: September 17, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say that after only a week and half on WA I am up to creating my content for my website which I have transfered to my domain name which I purchased through WA. Just a 2 weeks ago I couldnt imagine buliding a website yet only a week and half later here I am with the bare bones built. This really is a place where you can make things happen so keep going and keep building. Also shout out to the coaches here who have answered all my questions along the way! This is a great journey and I beleive I am on the road to great things here. Listen , Learn, Study, Practise and ASK QUESTIONS. Till next time keep kicking them goals.

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Tanacase Premium
Amazing! that's fantastic success! It took me 3 weeks to go through the first round! You are doing well! Maybe I should have a goal like that. One round of lessons per week... I think thats what I am gonna do... Good luck! Keep posting! I wanna know if how manage next lessons!

JAddabbo1 Premium
Thank you will do! Set a target each week and go for it. Let me know how you progress!
Tanacase Premium
Yeah, so this week I wanna conquer the 2nd set of lectures... And as Jordan Peterson says... If you do only 50% next time you aim for little more 51%... I started on Wednesday so till next Wednesday... I like Wednesdays... It's my payday btw...🌺 I think I will post a blog about it next Wednesday...
Mick18 Premium
Congrats on your progress. Enjoy your WA journey.
AlexEvans Premium
Well done Joesph, you are making good progress keep that enthusiasm rolling.