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October 05, 2019
Hi guys and gals,I have been working my way through the training and have to say even though I feel like I am making progress I am still at the baby steps of my business here at WA. There is so much to learn and so much to do. Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, waiting for your site to get ranked, adding more and more tabs, adding images etc. I would say to everyone the thing that keeps me motivated in imaging where I could be in 6 months time, then in 12 months time etc. Thinking tow
September 28, 2019
Today I can say I have a live website. So far its been 3 weeks and while I've still got alot of training still to complete I feel as though being able to google my site, have a site email account and some content on my site is a massive achievement. I still have no idea how its going to make money, as I don't know how to drive traffic or where to go to get affliate links for what I want to promote but I am just trusting the journey and trusting the experience. Taking this one day at a time and
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September 17, 2019
Hi Everyone,Just wanted to say that after only a week and half on WA I am up to creating my content for my website which I have transfered to my domain name which I purchased through WA. Just a 2 weeks ago I couldnt imagine buliding a website yet only a week and half later here I am with the bare bones built. This really is a place where you can make things happen so keep going and keep building. Also shout out to the coaches here who have answered all my questions along the way! This is a grea
September 14, 2019
Just wanted to update everyone on my progress so far. Been a Premium member for just on a week now and have completed the first 10 lessons. My goal is 10 lessons a week. I have learned so much so far, the most vaulable has been doing the training step by step and watching each training video twice before doing the task. I found a niche within my niche this morning as I was learning about key words. This is all really exciting stuff and to know that by doing this that I actually can make a livin
September 07, 2019
Very Excited to start my premium journey. This feels like the start of a new life. The dream I have always wanted was to be able to have to report to a boss, have my schedule, work from where I want and when I want. To be able to launch new and excting businesess and live a life thats full. The 9 to 5 coporate world is slowly killing me and at 36 if i didnt male steps to change my life NOW then I would wake up at 50 and think to myslef, where has my life gone?. That scares the hell out of me! I
September 06, 2019
Always been a massive dreamer. I honestly belive no matter how old you are you should never stop dreaming. Growing up I always the one in the family that went against what evryone else said to do. I went out and an became an actor (not a very succesful one) but still i was doing what I loved. Before that as a teenager i dreamed of being a pro soccer player (well that didntb happen either). Just want to point out I wasnt lazy i worked very hard it just didnt happen. Then I think i got lost and g