What is a Keyword Search Tool

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What is a keyword search tool? To me a keyword search tool is Jaaxy pure and simple.


Because it has helped me get many of my content indexed and ranked page one in Google effortlessly.

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It is nice and easy to use just how I like it.

Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool out there at the moment and I can say this because it offers a lot more than just the amazing keyword search tool and I got it free when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, which I think is another amazing platform.

Anyway if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you are not using your Jaaxy keyword search tool, then you are missing a trick and need to get connected to it fast.

As mentioned earlier Jaaxy keyword search tool comes with your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

What is Jaaxy keyword search tool?

Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that has been developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. This is truly amazing because they know what is needed to make this keyword search tool successful and what is needed to help its users successful.

The Competitive Edge

This amazing tool will give you a competitive edge over your competition because it takes all the hard work out of doing research.

Did you know that google alone has around 500 million new keyword searches every day?

Jaaxy will give you a choice of billions of keywords at your fingertips and this will allow you to be able to see which keywords are getting good traffic and have low competition.

Knowing this alone has saved me hours of research time and given me the competitive edge over my competition. How cool is that.

I would never had known about this amazing tool if I had not joined Wealthy Affiliate and done the training that showed me the value of this amazing tool.

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Keywords

Keywords are so important in the online world and with over 500 million new searches each and every day, having this keyword search tool to hand is very helpful indeed.

Not only does Jaaxy Keyword Search tool offer accurate traffic information and data on your competition. It also helps in discovering unique, hot and untouched keywords and by using these keywords you can easily rank page one in Google because it is a lot easier to get noticed by search engines.

Imagine using this tool for a PPC (pay per click) campaign. Yes just imagine getting motivated customers clicking on your campaign. Now that’s a really good reason to start using Jaaxy.

Why I Use it?

Apart from what I have mentioned above, I use it because it offers me amazing results and allows me to target my audience more intelligently.

By focusing my content at search terms and this way I get traffic based on that search term. Win/Win. How amazing is that.

How many times have I said Amazing? Lol

Instead of using guess work and assuming what my target audience are searching for, I now know what they are searching for and I also know how many people per month are searching.

And there is more …

Help in Finding Niches

Firstly I must say that being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and taking part in the step by step training on offer here is a big part of my success here and without the training I would never have really understood or appreciated the power of Jaaxy keyword Search tool. In my opinion they go hand in hand.

Getting Rolling! Training

There are billions of niches out there in the internet world. But did you know that there are also millions of niches with little to no competition?

Imagine knowing which ones they are. Well with this search tool you can have the heads up.

If you have a niche and feel stuck for ideas in moving forward. With this tool you can dig deeper into your own niche. Isn’t this a good tool to have in your business tool box?

Well this is my short take on how amazing Jaaxy Keyword Search Toolis. If you are not using it then you are missing a trick.

This will make you content writing so much easier and more productive.

If you are using Jaaxy please let me know what you think?

Like always I would really appreciate a like and share.

Thank you

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Recent Comments


Hi Jennifer,

I took your advice and used Jaaxy today. It was fun plugging in a variety of stuff. Finally, I received a QSR of 76. So, I will publish that title tomorrow.

Thanks alot.


Just make sure that the traffic is good also.

Yes, It's good.


Thanks for a great and informative post. as a newbie, i still reading and leaning. i clicked on the link you provided and it said the 30 first searches are free. do we have to pay after that? do they have special for WA members
Thanks for your time.

As a premium member you receive 100 searches a month on Jaaxy Lite. Jim

Thank you for stepping in . much appreciated

That's great. thanks. how many of these searches can you perform per month?

Thank you for your comment much appreciated
as mentioned because you are a premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate you will get 100 free website searches.

But you will get unlimited keyword searches which is what I mainly focus on in this article.

You will find it over to the left had side of page under Research.
Go over and have a play around.

One of my friends to whom I let my sites evaluated said my posts are not keywords so they don't rank.

I have to focus more.

Thank you for your comment and support much appreciated.

Well you have content it is just a matter of using Jaaxy to help you out.

It can be fixed because you have done the hard bit which is to create content.

That's a good idea. Many of my posts need tweaking.

You are welcome.

tweaking is a good thing. i do it all the time.

Yes, its a part of doing the updates.


ThThanks for the information about jaaxy. I've usused it bt not much though I found it amazing

Thank you for your comment and support much appreciated.

Yes it is amazing, if you have time have a play around with it.

I find that Jaaxy is a great tool for keyword research, I use it always.

Thank you for your comment and support much appreciated.

Thank you also for confirming how great Jaaxy is .

I can’t imagine trying to get ranked pages without Jaxxy. All of the reasons you wrote about are so true, another WA benefit with premium membership.

Thanks Jennifer !

Thank you for your comment and support and confirming how amazing Jaaxy is. Much appreciated

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you For tricks and sharing, this will be more rich in your pages with a high sense of creativity

Thank you I am learning from the best.

Many thanks for your support

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you the valuable tips on Jaaxy. I really need to start using it. I am exposed to the low hanging fruit technique; but I never really embraced it.

Oh well, I will get to page 1 someday.


Hi and thank you for your comment and support.

You can get on page one with the help of Jaaxy be sure of that. It is an amazing tool so do not miss a trick with this one. It is free to start using now.

I used Jaaxy and she did her job! lol


Brilliant I am so glad. Now you know what I am talking about. YAY.

This is amazing. A just turned on for me. Double YAY!


Good to know

You speak the truth Jennifer!

Thank you so much for your comment much appreciated.
I speak as I find. Thank you that means a lot.

Hey Jada,
I agree with you 100% because I also love Jaaxy!!! There are some many advantages to this platform as you have mentioned.

Tried and True


Thank you for your support and comment.
Yes there are many advantages to this platform and I have only mentioned a few.

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