Day 21 - Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017

Last Update: June 09, 2017

Hey there and a Big Welcome to Day 21 of Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017 – let’s keep moving on!


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Here’s a quick recap on what I did yesterday – Day 20:

· Gave a quick outline of the keywords of Website 2 – my new project

So Today…

I’m still as excited as ever, but now it’s time to calm down and really get this new project on a roll.

Because I really enjoy Jay’s training’s I thought I would search to see if he had created a training on Authority Sites AND he has, which is fantastic.

Well of course he has, THIS IS JAY we’re talking about! So here it is:

Jay outlines that there are 9 phases to the process of web development and I’ll be going through those phases step by step with Jay’s guidance.

If ever I wanted to create a website the right way, this is the time!

Phase 1: Define the Scope of the Project

Apparently there’s two different types of Authority Sites – I actually didn’t know this so I’ve learned my ‘learn something new everyday’ thing for the day!

1. Absolute Authority Site – sites like Huffington Post etc

2. Relative Authority Site

My site fits within the Relative Authority Site which Jay says is more geared towards internet businesses and are run by webmasters and bloggers that are authorities in a niche – that sounds like a bit of me for sure!

Next I have to determine what my website will do and who it’s for, thinking about the 5 W’s. Those 5 W’s are Who, What, When, Where and Why.

An Expansion of the 5 W’s

· Who the site is for

· What the site is about

· When will the site be accessed

· Where the content will come from

· Why do they want to visit your site

Who my site is for:

This is what makes this project so exciting, and at the same time, so mind boggling for me as my target audience is varied, it covers all ages from age 5 to senior citizens.

It also covers both genders (and beyond if you get my drift) so this is pretty open as well.

I’m really going to have to plan out the sub niches here which will help me to categorize the product range which is also huge and varied.

What my site is about!

As said above the product range is huge and varied so I will be targeting different products to different ages, AND to different audiences.

Where will the content come from?

For this site, at the beginning, I will be writing the content myself. I will be targeting long tailed keywords in my posts for the first couple of months to get initial Google visitors and then I will look at other avenues.

When will the site be accessed?

I’m assuming the site will be constantly accessed as the product range is world-wide and in high demand

Why do they want to visit your site?

Now that I’m really seeing the huge scope of the product range AND the audience, I’m seriously thinking of creating an e-book to give away and creating an email list.

I will create a weekly email series to start with, in regards to the current product range, AND, in that email list I will direct them to my website where I will create a product review of that product.

As new products are released I will stay on top of those new releases, create a product review and send an email to my list about the new releases.

Ok folks, I’m going to leave it there for today, I’ve got a fair bit to do looking what I’ve just typed out…

Thanks for hanging out with me here. And, here’s to you having a fantastic day rest of the day… I’ll see you tomorrow as

Tomorrow we’ll be on Day 22 of Learn how to build a website yourself in WordPress in 2017 where we will carry on from where we left off today!

Thanks so much for coming along, and again, you’re most welcome to leave a comment or ask a question below if you wish to do so, thanks and …



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jtaienao Premium
Thanks for mentioning the two types of authority sites Jacqueline. Boy, it sure sounds like you're really getting this new project lined out. Good for you. Thanks for another great session.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Jerome,

You're most welcome and thanks to you again for coming along and leaving me such an encouraging comment - it really is very much appreciated.

Yes the planning of this site is pretty extensive but I've never been so excited about building a site before! Woohoo!

I hope your weekend is going great, cheers Jerome,

AllanSiegel Premium
You are on fire! Keep on pressing forward and reaching for your dreams!
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Allan,

Yeah, you're quite right there, it does feel like I'm on fire! I'm absolutely going to keep pressing forward - this is a very exciting project...


saharelf Premium
You have come a long way and am excited for your on your new website
JacquelineS1 Premium
Thank you so much Luba,

Yes and I'm still super excited...

Today I'm really pushing to get content on my new site and really start to ramp things up.

Hope your weekend is going great Luba,


ericpierre Premium
Thanks Jacqueline for another great post!
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Eric,

Thanks a ton for coming along and leaving me another comment.


drcmaint Premium
Keep on trucking.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there John,

Thanks immensely for coming along and leaving a comment.

Yes, absolutely, we're trucking along and I'm ecstatic to be doing exactly that, as this is a fantastic opportunity to create an Authority Site.

Cheers John and I hope you're having a fantastic weekend.