Day 16 - Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017

Last Update: May 28, 2017

Hey there and a Big Welcome to Day 16 of Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017 – let’s keep moving on!


In order to see any of the previous day’s posts – check out My Posts blog roll on the bottom right hand side.

A recap on what I did yesterday – Day 15:

  • Put up my post on Google Plus
  • Set up getting comments on the Wealthy Affiliate Comment Tool


A basic recap on what we’ve done so far:

Over the past 15 Days

  • Researched a niche and basic keywords
  • Found an affiliate program
  • Registered a domain
  • Put together the foundation for our site – Theme, All in One SEO, Google Analytics etc
  • Created base pages for our site, About – Privacy Policy – Blog etc
  • Covered keyword research – targeting long-tailed keywords / low-hanging fruit keywords
  • Created, posted and formatted our article with our keywords in mind and with SEO in mind – with images, affiliate links etc
  • Put our post up on Google Plus and set up getting comments

So really that is the basics of getting a site up and running on WordPress, it really is a simple step by step process.

So Today…

I can’t believe how the timing worked out perfectly for this, Jay had his weekly webinar training session a couple of days ago and he covers, almost in a recap form, exactly what we’ve been covering in the past 15 days.

I’m really excited about this at it’s going to confirm everything we’ve already done, AND, add more clarity and refinement to our site.

With my next few posts I’m going to be referring to Jays training:

21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps

Why Some Sites Rank Faster Than Others

  • Domain age – this plays a fairly large contributing factor – this is the age that the domain was first purchased
  • Site age – this shows how old the site is in regard to its content. Domains are bought and sold and some domains can change hands several times. So the site age is looking at the age of the site in regards to its content when it last changed hands – even if the site age is just a year older than another it can still make a difference
  • Trust flow – does Google trust your site?The way to increase that trust is
  • by being consistent with your content creation
  • having internal links
  • having content engagement
  • actually having comments and shares on Social Media etc

These are all of the things we’ve been going over inside of the posts that I’ve put together AND WITHIN ALL of the training available here on Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Frequency of content – you’ll have more trust if you are posting content once or twice a week consistently rather than just every now and then. If you give Google more content you give Google more chances to rank your site
  • Overall volume of content – this is how much content you have in total on your site – you can even break this down to how much content you have in each article!
  • Having Internal Links – these are links that link to your own content inside your site
  • Content Engagement – as said above having content that others want to engage with is important. So this means creating discussions and making sure to answer comments and questions when they come up and in order to keep people in involved is to answer their comments or questions with a question
  • Creating Engagement – the way to do this is by asking for comments at the end of your content and making sure you actually create content that people WANT to comment on – by making your content more engaging

We have to remember that everything about our site is BRAND NEW so you’re not going to rank quickly – it’s going to take time – slow and steady wins the race here.

There’ll be times when it feels like an uphill battle – you just have to keep at it, keep writing those posts and get them onto your site – and then just rinsing and repeating!

So all of the above is why other sites may rank faster than a brand new site…


As Jay says… we have to remember that every site that has:

  • Domain authority
  • A large amount of content
  • Content engagement
  • A huge amount of Google Trust Flow ...

They all started where we’re starting now – Right at the Beginning!

So it can be done… if they can do it – we can do it too!

So with all that being said how are you getting on with your site rankings? Have you got posts ranking on the first page, or are you just starting out?

For me…

I’ve pages ranked on the first page with other sites but not with this new site – YET!

My aim is still the same as 15 Days ago – to keep writing these posts until I get my first commission – and I imagine, in order to do that – I'll need to be on the first page of Google for at least one of my keywords.

So today going forward I’ve put together a plan to make sure to:

  • Post one long tailed keyword product review each week on a Monday or Tuesday of at least 700 words with affiliate links
  • Post one blog post on a subject in my niche of at least 700 words on a Friday or Saturday with no affiliate links – but making sure that I have at least 2 internal links on that post, linking to other posts and pages on my site
  • Every second week, post one keyword rich TOPIC of at least 1500 words with links on to an affiliate product every second Wednesday or Thursday. I will be talking about this further, at some time, as I feel it’s a very important factor to getting ranked for as many keywords as possible.I know I covered it in a bit of detail in Day 12

But I want it to really ‘hit home’ that these keyword rich posts on a TOPIC, instead of just a keyword, are vital to getting a ton of traffic from Google with as many keywords as possible.

But for now, I’m off to start creating my keyword rich post… But before I go…

What’s your plan for the next week, next two weeks, next month…

Go ahead and put a plan together:

  • A plan of how many posts you’re going to create and post on your website every week, two weeks, and what days you plan on posting, etc
  • A plan of what type of posts you’re going to create – whether it be a review with affiliate links or a general post about your niche as I’ve set out above
  • PLEASE... Follow through with your plan AND THEN STICK TO IT…it could be you with an authority site in the next few months or year


To re ask the questions I have above:

  • How are you getting on with your site rankings?
  • Have you got posts ranking on the first page, or are you just starting out?
  • How many posts are you able to put up per week on your site?
  • Are you struggling to find things to write about?
  • Are you struggling with this whole concept, full stop?

I really would like to hear from you, even it’s you just telling me how you’re getting on…

And Honestly…

If I can help, I WILL, just get in touch by posting a comment or question below OR you’re more than welcome to send me a Private Message here on WA.

Here’s to you having a fantastic rest of the day…I’ll see you tomorrow as

Tomorrow we’ll be on Day 17 of Learn how to build a website yourself in WordPress in 2017!

Thanks so much for coming along, and again, you’re most welcome to leave a comment or ask a question below if you wish to do so, thanks and …



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jtaienao Premium
I like your approach on moving forward Jacqueline. It should definitely improve your rankings as well as your conversion rate. Thanks again for another great session.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey Jerome,

Thanks a ton for your comment, it's very much appreciated. Yes it's onwards and upwards to improving our rankings and conversions.


ericpierre Premium
When looking back: We came a great way! Thanks for this absolutely top training!
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Eric,

Absolutely we've come a great way and you're most welcome - Woohoo! I'm happy for us, now it's down to the nitty gritty of really getting a plan together and making sure we stick to it.

That's a ton for coming along and leaving a comment Eric,


drcmaint Premium
Wow. You're just moving right along.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there John,

Yeah we're moving along pretty well, and loving every minute of it.

Thanks for coming along and leaving a comment John, it's very much appreciated.