Second month with WA - Success is Sweet!

Last Update: February 28, 2017

So, I am now in my second month with WA, and I have achieved wonderful milestones already!!

I am totally overwhelmed by what I have learned from the training and with all the support on WA!

I created my 1st site, published 3 content pages thus far! (NOT enough, I know!)

I am nearly done with certification course 2 and here I learned about ALL the amazing stuff that actually makes your website working!

I provided comments and feedback on FELLOW members' websites, received valuable feedback and comments in return!!

This really inspired me and it confirmed that my 1st website is on track!

THANK YOU Kyle, Carson, Steve for the valuable training, and everyone else who answered my questions and helped me so far on my WA journey!

The last few days I set up Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Authorship, and then the fun started to happen with my website progress!

If your website is created and you have some content on it then you need to set up these TOOLS> absolutely necessary!

This is a good tutorial by Steve on Google Webmaster, Analytics and Authorship:

I finished setting up the Google tools yesterday, and then everything I learned so far started to make more sense!!

Google has indexed my website, recognized my authorship, and is starting to analyze my website for ranking! The training has paid off!!!!!!

I did a google search about a week back on one of my key words, and guess what?, nothing had happened on google; my website page was not even on the 8th page of the Google search results. I did not even clicked on page 9.......and left the result page with disappointment!

Today, I did the same key word search on google, and I was amazed to find the same post ranked nearly on top of page 2 of about 460 000 google search result! Success!! This is a major accomplishment for me!! Now I know all this is working!! WA is working!! ALL the training so far, paid off!!

It is super nice to track the traffic and other activities on your website in REAL time on Analytics, an amazing tool to view the performance of your site!!

All well, but now I need to build more content, add more posts, so my website can attract more traffic that will generate in sales eventually!

What a journey it was so far!!

I cannot imagine what is going to happen in 6 months from now if I keep working the same pace!!!!!!

Exciting times ahead, and time to start working on my second website !!

I hope everyone here is enjoying the journey on WA, as much as I do!!

Persistence, patience, perseverance and hard work will get you where you want to be!!

Success is possible for everyone on WA!!

So far, mine is sweet!!



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KeithMaki Premium
Keep up the great work Jacob!
WilliamBH Premium
Great progress Jacob .. Well done .. Cheers, William.