My WA Facebook Page Campaign

Last Update: January 19, 2017

I am still in the process of setting up my WA website on Bootcamp and going through the training! A tedious task, as I am between work and WA...but I am sure it will be done soon.

In the meantime,

I started a WA promotion page on FB.

It reached 1,243 people in ONE day, and 36 engaged.

Hopefully this will land me some referrals!!

Every minor step forward is a huge success in my opinion.

Oh, and my ranking here is increasing too.

Happy me!



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jvranjes Premium
Congratulations. Just curious. How did it reach people?
jacob23 Premium
I created a campaign on my Fb success yet, as I started with a limited budget running only for a day or two. Hopefully someone will sign up. I am merely testing it at this stage. The problem is that I cannot build my email list via the FB page as I am still creating my website and will use that as landing page to build my email list. Soon I will incorporate into to the FB page. cheers.
jvranjes Premium
You said it reached so many people in the first day, how? I am not familiar with FB.
jacob23 Premium
Once you set up a page on FB from your FB profile account, you can then launch an ad via the page to the pubic, but you have to pay a fee depending on the ad settings you will choose. A bit complicated if you are not familiar with FB pages. You need to experiment with Fb pages 1st to get behind the works of it. Not as user-friendly as WA! You need to struggle through all the page settings and try to figure out how it works if you are new to FB page settings, like myself. I am still learning...cheers