Is your website page mobile friendly?

Last Update: February 26, 2017

Today, I have learned about yet another fantastic tool that was recommended by one of our WA members. Many thanks to Izzat (IzzatM)

I have to share this with those who don't know about this tool, especially the newbies!

Here is the tool:

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Just open the tool link, copy and paste your website page URL link in the box on the screen, and google will do the rest.

This google tool will test your website pages for mobile friendliness and provide you with a report AND you can also submit the page to google for indexing after a positive testing result. Super!

Now, this might not be news to the old hands here on WA, but this is new to me, and I am sure it is new to many newbies here. Learn, learn, learn!!

I am not a mobile browser because I prefer to browse on my laptop as I favor a bigger screen, but most online users, as we know, are now using mobiles for browsing. So, it is important to measure whether your website pages are mobile friendly because you will not be able to detect this on your desktop or laptop.

Therefore, do this test to ensure your website pages are mobile friendly.

A great tool!!



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YadiPink Premium
Awesome, thanks for the info.

Yadi :]
WilliamBH Premium
Thanks for sharing Jacob. Cheers, William