How come I never get any comments... Just curious.

Last Update: September 21, 2013

I've written several blog posts on WA but hardly ever get comments yet others get dozens... Are my posts not interesting enough?

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izzysmommy Premium
Thanks guys, it was just something I always wondered.
@RICH. Premium
No, don't "read" anything into it, it's depends on a multitude of different things. First and foremost if Activity is busy, it's very easy to get knocked out of the timeline quickly if everyone is blogging. If someone has been here years and has established strong relationships with other Members, they're likely to get a lot of "comments" regardless. It can also be a question of rarity or authority, if Vicky (@veronica.l) or Steve (@IveTriedThat) blogs it's likely the majority of the long term community will want to know what's on their minds. There's also a large segment of the Membership who firmly believe that it's better to be blogging on your site than here which is a rule I follow, in the last year I think I've only blogged a couple of times myself. It can also be a question of "taste", I don't tend to comment on "my dog does the funniest things" or diary or journal type posts, there's nothing wrong with them and many people get a lot of pleasure sharing and reading them, it's just not something that particularly interests me. :) Rich.
sidekick Premium
Don't feel bad. Some of my blogs get more than others!
tommydillard Premium
I think it has something to do with how many people who are following you and if they are really active in the community. Your blogs only reach these people and not everyone else here so the more followers you have the more your work gets out.
choppydo Premium
Looked at your blogs, seems normal to me... sometimes they really kick off, sometimes not so much. If you really want to get some interaction, provide something valuable and compelling- like motivation or little known facts.