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Last Update: Jul 6, 2022

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I just wanted to share some proof that WA training works if you, of course, are willing to put the time and effort into the program.

I just got an email from Google congratulating me on my performance of one of my websites in June 2022 on Google search...

Keep in mind that this is all organic traffic from Google alone. I don't run any paid ads. It's all 100% natural traffic coming to my website every single day.

What's the process I use?

It's the same stuff from Kyle's training...

Find a good keyword, create an awesome piece of article targeting the same keyword, publish it on your blog, share your article on social, generate some comments, and wait.

Do you want the same results?

Just follow the instructions from the training to the letter, complete your tasks, and good results will follow.

And don't get impatient. Work on your content every single day. Publish frequently. Update old posts to get better rankings. Share your website on social. Rinse and repeat.

Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term game. In other words, it takes time and effort, but if you put in both, the results will follow!

Ivan :)

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Good morning Ivan,

I hope you're doing well, thank you for your blog post.

Fantastic! How simple is that!? I think sometimes our human minds seem to overcomplicate things! You are living proof that the training works!

I appreciate that publishing content every day really makes a difference. Consistency definitely appears to be the key to success. I appreciate the encouragement.

Have a great Sunday.


Have a great Sunday, Roy! :)

Congratulations!!!! Thanks for sharing your success. This is very motivational!

Glad to hear it, Jen! Best of luck :)

Congratulations Ivan.


Thanks, Camila :)

Thank you for sharing, Ivan.

It does take time and success is not an overnight occurrence.
You have been in WA for almost 5 years but your dedication and persistence are paying off.



Thanks, Cassi.

You are very welcome, Ivan.

Congratulations Ivan. It's an inspiration to me. Thanks.

I'm happy to hear it, Manisha!

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