One month anniversary - surprises?

Last Update: February 09, 2016

So it's been a month since I joined Wealthy Affiliate and oh, what a month!

I think its safe to say that there have been a couple of surprises. I was expecting to write almost a blog a day, but it turns out that producing good content daily is not that easy and as I'm not doing this full-time yet its been a bit of a struggle. However, bearing in mind that there has been a website to build and training to be done I think I've done not bad.

I don't feel that I'm exactly where I expected to be at this stage but I think I've now become a bit more realistic now that I've been doing this for a month now. I've made some adjustments. If I can get two to three good posts out a week that would be good; I anticipate that once the website is where I want it to be and training is finished that there will then be more time to blog.

I've had a bit of a dilemma about the best time to sign up for affiliate programs and which products to focus on first; I've also had a battle with myself trying to determine whether is an authority site or a niche. Somehow I think its the former and that I now need to create another site and focus on a niche. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The plan has been to blog about my experience in relocating to Italy. To post 100-odd pages on some main topics and then push product accordingly, but what product and when to push this is my next challenge. Hopefully by the next month I'll have got a sale and this will be less of a problem.

The family at Wealthy Affiliate have been great, I must be honest if I had tried to do this on my own I would probably have failed miserably weeks ago. I've not been keeping up with training per se, I think I have probably done more than the training has said I should but I'm going back to the training now to ensure I have ticked all the boxes.

I'm looking forward to getting some traffic and some revenue in this month. Watch this space! Also I need to look at the speed of the site, some people seem to be having trouble with it.

Any comments are welcome!!

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paulgoodwin Premium
I think that is a really great thing to write about but there is really no rush better to take it one step at a time ok
GeoffGS Premium
Your sites look fantastic. Are those paid themes. Pretty good. The writing, and seo practice will bring the traffic.
RonAlderman Premium
Happy Anniversary. You will do it. It does take time and you are right if you are not doing it full time you have to find a balance to be able to write good content. Just keep working at it and you will make it!
GeoffGS Premium
Nice update. Is your site up? If it is, add it under your profile so we can see it. Geoff. The friendly fisherman. :)
GeoffGS Premium
Oh nevermind. It just doesnt show on blogs. I'll take a look.
MisterWailor Premium
Don't worry about traffic at this moment, just concentrate on more post.