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Last Update: April 05, 2017

Your mind is like a sponge.

It soaks up an amazing amount of information from the outside world every day.

When you're watching TV...

At work...

During a dinner with friends...

While you're walking on the street...

Many things you don't even pay attention to, your mind stores them.

Then, all these things transform into thoughts, ideas, flashes and interpretations of reality which, at the end of each day, end up jumbled together in your subconscious.

Part of them are positive, the others are negative.

Those negative ones you'll recognize them very fast in people complaining about how stressful their jobs are, how meaningless life is, how bad is that person or that other one, why people treat them like this or like that,... You know, that constant whinning and grumbling about everything we're so used to in our daily lifes.

That's when you need to be fully conscious and rule out all the toxic data (and people) as fast as you can, so that they cannot take control. Because if they do so, if you feed that negativity, nothing good will come out from that.

So, the more you stay away from those bad thoughts, the wider the space in your mind for positive things.

Positivity is fuel for your mind!

It's the light that ideas need to spread out and become successful plans.

It's the motivation you need to create your own success and happiness.

In the end, life is 10% of what you make it and 90% is how you take it.

So, it's really up to you to decide which kind of thoughts you're going to embrace and what you're gonna be making out of them.

Stay positive!

Have a great day all of you!


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MKearns Premium
Yes discipline yourself to take out the garbage!
iscool78 Premium
That's it, Mike!

I guess it's just something you need to turn into a good habit ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
Chrissies Premium
I agree Israel, positivity is everything :)
iscool78 Premium
It is, right? ;)
Thanks for commenting Chrissie!
WTucker1 Premium
Thanks, Israel. I stopped watching TV about a year ago and I can't tell you the peace it brings to your life
iscool78 Premium
Yeah, I get what you mean, William.

We need to erase the nonsense from our minds, so that we leave room for what's important ;)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
amgolf Premium
You mean the mind is like ROBOT that can distinct positive or negative. The ROBOT does every command.
Thank you so much
iscool78 Premium
Yeah, actually I'd say the conscious part of our mind is where all the sorting out takes place.

I guess, you just need to make that a habit, so that every negative thought goes right down to the trash bin ;)

Have a good one Nattawut!
ekuzevska Premium
You are right
iscool78 Premium
I'm glad you agree, Elizabeta! :)