Oh God NCR is back on Alert Level 3 for Omicron Variant!

Last Update: January 04, 2022

People here in our area now is been alerted to alert level 3 due to this Omicron variant being found getting worst. There's a lot of cases being reported that this Omicron is deadlier than delta.

My youngest daughter had a fever last night until this time she felt bad on her body Oh God help her to recover from this illness.

My advice to everyone is to keep safe at all times, wear your facemask anytime even inside the house.

All the best for you all,


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Josh Lanska Premium Plus
Sending prayers for your daughter's speedy recovery!

Don't let fear bring you down! At some point we will all get it, it's in my home for the 3rd time right now!

I had not heard that Omicron is worse than Delta, will have to look into that.

Wish you the best!
Suzay Premium Plus
Fevers, colds, flu, sore throats are a normal part of growing up and building a strong immune system against the real immunity killer:

Many, many studies have been done and indicate that children who are not given the, what is it now over 75 shots in their young lives, are healthier than those who have been permanently affected by heavy metals that never come out of their bodies, and all sorts of tissue and cell lines from sick dogs, rats, monkeys, chickens, dead human babies, and all sorts of diseases, and adjuvants to activate a recipient's body.

Over 75 shots! Plus, even more stuff in order to travel to certain parts of the world.
Or is that only in the US, where we pay the very highest price for health care and the statistics say, that we are the sickest.

Go ahead and knock yourself out if you believe in the witch's brew. The word pharmacy which means drugs also involves sorcery and, in this case, endless spell casting of fear, fear, and more fear.
Did you take this bait?

Everyone has free will to do as they see fit.
All of our choices come AFTER Fauchi and DARPA made their choices.
DARPA - What Does DARPA Abbreviation Mean? Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency + 14 variants.

Advanced Biowarfare research on populations. They do what they do, then you have your tiny little choice.

The choice you have is to figure out how best to stay alive in their worldwide game of chess. and how to protect your children and your children's children from their agenda.

You are on it, as you said, "she had taken already some Paracetamol and later she will take some Steam of Calamansi aroma."
Carolyn said," Apparently upping her vit D, C and zinc intake are helpful for the immune system to fight back. All the best for you and your family, Carolyn."

Turmeric and black pepper mark cancer cells for apoptosis, which means this simple stuff in curries that you eat, activate your body to kill cancer cells.
(Cancer as an effect of all the stuff in the air, the water, the food, and so called "medicine")

Your body, try to stay alive, and keep those you love from harm. That is the only real choice for us.
David against an insane Giant that wants us dead.

Sara said,
"May God help us, whose reports shall we believe?
Fear not bro, your daughter will be fine with the right treatment."

Thank you Isabelo, clean water will help flush toxins for your daughter, and your sensible loving care of your precious family!
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Thank you Suzay for your brilliant advice.
Hanneke1970 Premium Plus
Hi Isabella,
my mother is currently infected with the Omicron variant but every expert here and we follow closely the experts in the UK indicate that the Delta Variant is more deadly and the Omicron goes less deep in the lungs so I hope they are right .

Despite all the advice and better messages about this variant, you keep paying attention and stick to the rules important it spreads very quickly
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Thank you Anneke for the info.
KRoache Premium Plus
Hi Isabelo. I am not an expert on the current variant, but I have it on good authority that Omicron is nowhere near as bad as Delta was.

According to UK experts I have spoken with, we are passing through a natural purging of the virus. Almost everybody in the world will contract the virus, whether they are aware or not, but the mild effects of Omicron will be no more than a common cold depending on age and vaccination status.

If you wish to reassure yourself I would advise watching some of the latest YouTube videos presented by Dr John Campbell which counteract a little of the current media frenzy.

I hope you and your family stay safe. Don't worry so much.
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Thank you Kevin.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Isabelo,

I'm very sorry that your youngest daughter had a fever last night, I do hope that she recovers very quickly.

Sadly, through this whole crisis, there has been a huge amount of scaremongering going on. I appreciate that it's a nasty virus however, in the UK very few people are dying from Omicron. The mainstream media wants to scare us, all they talk about is cases. It appears to be no more than a common cold.

In the best possible way, forget the hysteria and carry on with life, it's awful that the mainstream media are scaremongering so many people.

Have a great day.

IsabeloJ3 Premium
Thank you very much Roy for your awesome comment.
Roybretton Premium Plus
It's a pleasure Isabelo, I do hope your daughter is on the mend!

Have a great day,

IsabeloJ3 Premium
Thankfully, she felt getting better now, but my wife had also had a fever since last night, she had her phlegm and runny nose also, oh God help us.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning is Isabelo,

That's great that you're daughter is getting better, good news! I'm sorry that your wife is now feeling under the weather, I do hope she makes a really quick recovery.

Sadly the media is exaggerating the virus which is putting fear into many people, which in the process slows up their healing. I'm sure your wife will be fine very soon.

Have a great day.