Ranked 5 & 6 in Google

Last Update: July 22, 2014

I cannot believe it. On a whim I decided to Google my main keyword and found my new site #5 & #6 in Google. All I did was follow Kyle's advice in the training. I know it isn't money yet, but it just proves that the content in the training works.

I am even more pumped than I was before. It just goes to show, that Kyle and Carson have a good blueprint for success and all we have to do is follow it.

Thanks Guys!!

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Kgomotso Premium
Wow! Congratulations and well done!
BRank Premium
Excellent....go as far as you can
Anewcreature Premium
Great! ! You have a right to be pumped up :)
Daryn Premium
Outstanding Man, well done :)
Maksim Premium
Congrats! bit more time and you will be first!
IronGoof Premium
Thank you. We will see. I am only in course 2, so hopefully more insight will bring more success.