I feel like I am getting my life back!

Last Update: July 25, 2017

After years of being defeated by my employer, with constant threats of losing our jobs, it finally happened. My job is gone! I am currently off on disability, and because of this turn of events, I have the time to start and maintain a blog!

I am so glad to have found WA, and it is giving me the ability to live my life on my terms, and to see in a tangible way, how successful I can be.

I believe that we all have this ability, to set goals for ourselves and to succeed with them. To make our own history. To choose how to become more prosperous while helping others!

Congratulations to all the new people who are here on this journey with us, and to the more experienced folk who will help to guide us!!

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Aria-Len Premium
Yay! This is so inspiring! I'm glad I found WA as well!
fondevilla Premium
Hi friend. Thank you so much for the follow. Am glad being part of your network. Am glad that you are finally getting some independence in the employment world. I wish you great success in your online business. Please let me know about your website so that I can visit and leave you a comment. In case you enjoy love poems, you can visit my website at beautiful-words.org. Feel free to leave a comment. Have fun!
PaulaKeen Premium
So glad that you're glad. I'm very happy that you are where you feel you are meant to be! THAT my friend is a very good place in life :o). Congrats on losing your job! hahaha... we can't say that often enough, can we? lol
miry87 Premium
That good that you this leaving everything right
pparadise Premium
Congrats and very inspirational post. Thanks for sharing.