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Last Update: March 20, 2014

A few years ago I was in a deep seemingly never-ending depression. I had no ambition or purpose, I was obese and so low at times I got suicidal.

I'll try not to depress anybody further here! lol, however, I've put my full story here

I'd say that I've been blessed to have turned my life around as much I have.

I overcame my self-sabotaging behaviors and went from obese to recreational bodybuilder. I achieved a level of inner-peace, clarity and perspective that makes me excited to get up in the morning.

I've made it my personal mission to use everything I've learned on my journey to help others. If a guy like me that was so close to edge could positively influence others, I just think it would be a very rewarding feeling.

Why I joined WA

I'm not a materialistic person, but money is a requirement to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. So I signed up to WA to learn how to make money online as well as how to get my message out to more people. I wanted to work from home so I'd have more time to help others, share my experiences and live my passion. I tried doing this while in various 9-to-5s, but I just found the limited and depressing attitudes of my co-workers pulling me down.

If you’re currently in a similar position to how I used to be, please feel free to contact me and I’ll try and help in any way I can.

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Can my own situation also change for good? I'm in a great financial indebtedness that I can bear. Really I'm in a predicament. Please can someone help before I'm swallowed.
Insight Premium
Of course! You can always start taking more positive actions, repeat them consistently and change your situation. A good first step would be to read the information here on WA, get an understanding of how internet marketing works, then apply that understanding. The most important thing to remember is that you must persist, and stay immersed in the process of learning and doing. If you don't get results in a week, don't throw your hands up and quit like most people.
devoutcowboy Premium
Yes you CAN overcome these obstacles but you HAVE TO think POSITIVE! Believe me, it's way easier said than done! I lost my business from a fire 6 years ago and have been struggling ever since, but about 6 or 7 months ago, my brother in law gave me a book by Joel Osteen, who is a Pastor at the Lakewood church in Houston Texas. The book is titled "Break Out" and it has changed my life immensely! But you have to change the way you think! I was always telling myself, "I'm too old to do that" or "I don't have the education for that" or even, "Nothing good ever happens to me, I always have bad luck". If you continue doing and saying and THINKING like this, you stay in the same hole. I made a honest change in my life BELIEVING that God wanted me to live a happy prosperous life and when I did this, things began to change, for the better! But you have to continuously keep telling yourself positive things! Try it man, I will personally promise you that your life WILL change, for the better! And if you can, check out the book, "Break Out" by Joel Osteen. Here's a link to a review about it. Peace brother!
AlbertinaC Premium
Hi Dave, nice to meet you, I am very happy to read your story and see that you are today successful business man. Really when we let our willpower, and our dreams take the lead of our life, many good things can happen. I wish you a great success and many blessings.
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Nice to meet you also :-) ... well at least in the virtual sense anyway! Definitely I agree! Thank you for the kind words and I wish you the same!
choppydo Premium
Funny. I`ve lived quite a similar life. Hard to move forward when the pain of the past makes you think you can never change, huh? For me, I`m just choosing to go on living because I want to know what it is to live with pride. Don`t think you`re alone, Dave.
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Apologies, must have missed this one, but you're right i think the best way to live life is to be in the moment and plan for the future. Holding onto the past keeps you there, and it's a waste of what little time we get in this world to dwell on it for long. Thanks for the message, sorry i missed it!
BIS Premium
Hello Dave
It's nice to meet you and to hear your story. Congratulations in fighting your way through your depression and obesity and making such a success of your life.

The very best of luck with your IM activities. I have no doubt that you will be a success.

Best wishes

Insight Premium
Hi Beverley, thanks a lot for your comment and kind words!