First Few $250 Commission Days

Last Update: December 03, 2013

It's been a while since I've updated. Had alot on my plate lately, and had a few site ranking set-backs with the new hummingbird google updates.

Anyway, I've set a few new projects away that are exceeding expectations. I took a knock back, brushed myself off and hit back harder. As a result, I'm starting to see my first few $250+ dollar days with Amazon alone. Yesterday was supposed to be my first $400+ commission day, but a number of items did not get dispatched. Would've been a beautiful sight though :-( hehe

The 13 items shipped were all from the weekend, none of the 17 ordered items were dispatched. So onward and upwards, going to keep working up to $500 days.

I mentioned creating a step-by-step blueprint in my previous blog-post, and I've got to admit my failings, I haven't got round to completing it. I sometimes struggle with perfectionism and I want to make something that will truly help people make their first few $s online. So I'm half way through recording, and I'm trying to find a way of putting my methodologies across in an "adaptable" manner. I will be working on this, and on myself, to get it done though.

I hope this inspires some of the newbies, that you can make money online if you take consistent and definite action.

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Awesome posts you have here. Those are very good days if you ask me. I would love to know what you do with the amazon affiliate what you promote and so on. Would love some insight and knowledge.
Bald Eagle Premium
Well done Dave. Truly awesome and proof once again that this works
Insight Premium
Most kind of you to say sir, appreciated :-) ... yep it most certainly does!
believeme Premium
Do you work only online, or do you have another job also?
Insight Premium
Work online only now. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I doubt I'll ever go into a job again. I saved up and left my last job before I'd even made a penny online, I burnt my bridges and made it so failure wasn't an option. Maybe not the approach most people would take, but I really can't stand 9 - 5 type work, it rots my brain!