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Last Update: January 07, 2014

Hi all, hoping somebody could give me some advice on where to find a specific plugin. I'm trying to find a plugin that pulls products from an Amazon bestsellers category, which specific criteria. So for instance,

I could set the bestsellers category as Banjos, for instance.

Then set certain criterion such as

discount over 30%

Price over $50

Star rating over 4

and so forth. Is anybody aware of a plugin that does this, or something similar already on the market?

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@RICH. Premium
You can probably do something like this with Amazon Auto Links although you may need the PRO version to be able to edit the coding. However, do be warned, some plugins and software installs won't work on WA hosting as they require outgoing calls to servers and doing something like this may well breach Amazon's T&Cs;, as several Members have discovered to their cost after their affiliate accounts were disabled or cancelled. Caveat Emptor... and all that Latin. :) Rich.