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mskathidoll Premium
If I can do this ,anyone can. I love all the support and help I get. Some one is always around to assist with any problems. I'm not very PC literate and I already have a public website . Could not have gotten this far with out help. Go for it ladies, its my dream come true!
inner1beauty Premium
Thanks, mskathidoll, I appreciate your encouragement.
MissTech Premium
i'm in the same boat.

I have 2 days left . I decided I am going to give it a month. I don't mind opening a few domains and shelving them for awhile if I don't like the mechanics here.

You have several days left on your trial so I would be more than happy to share what I find inside after I join. I am curious about the layout. I hear it can be confusing but I wont know until I try.

If I come here to learn I don't want to end up chasing my tail in circles !

I am looking for something that is:

-easy to use; Since I am a noob concerning online marketing, I need to find it fast
-extensive; I want tools that do as promised from the get-go, no up-selling me ;)
-informative: Forums...nuf said
-supportive: See above statement

I figure, at the very least I will know more than I did before.
If I like it in the sense of HELPING others I might put my affiliate link up and share the joy.

And if not, well, I can stay for the web support ha ha :P

I may write a blog on my first impressions similar to my posts about the 10-day trial. If you stick around you may see it

good luck, keep us posted
take care
inner1beauty Premium
Thanks, Miss Tech, I'm looking for the same things in WA as you are and I don't want to chasing my tail in circles either, LOL. I hope you do blog about your first 10 days training experience, I'm curious to find out what you think about the whole thing. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who felt skeptical about WA. Thanks again :-)
Deezdz Premium
Hi there Sonya. Welcome to the WA community. There is A LOT of information here. Taking your time and navigating through the "Your First 10 Days" on the left sidebar is a great place to start. If you have any question, feel free to ask. ~Denise
inner1beauty Premium
Thanks, Deezdz. It's nice to meet you.
jespinola Premium
Hello welcome to WA the best place to Learn. If you have any question let me know
inner1beauty Premium
Thanks, jespinola, I'll do that.
jespinola Premium
ok ;)
Bud080770 Premium
I am also doing the 10 day trial. I have completed day 4 today. I have been blogging my days activity. I doubt I could be of much help at this point but you might find my blog to be informative.
inner1beauty Premium
Ok, and thanks for following me...I'm following you too.