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Last Update: Aug 27, 2016


I started the lessons here with the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I have finished the whole lessons there. Once done, I was looking for anything else to do and I saw Bootcamp. However, I didn't finish it. In fact, I stopped after just the first two or three lessons. WHAT???!!! Yeah, I know... what was I thinking?

Why did I stop Bootcamp? At that point of time, it feels like just a repetition of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC). Whatever I have learnt in the OEC, is also in the Bootcamp. So I thought, well why waste time learning something I've done?

So what now? Now... the thing is I keep on reading on how amazing Bootcamp is. If I'm not mistaken I read somewhere in someone's profile, Kyle said that those who completed Bootcamp have like 90% or so chance to success. I can't really remember the exact words. But others are also saying similar things.

Which made me think, what did I miss out? I am so intrigued now that I pledged to myself that I'm going to finish off the Bootcamp and see for myself what is so great about Bootcamp that people keep on mentioning the success of it.

Do I want to be successful too? Of course, I do! So, Bootcamp... here I come...

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Such positive attitude! I have also read about success going forward with the Bootcamp but Kyle also mentioned to get the certification course done first. I thought well, I could do both together, why not? I realised I was going to be moving slower than I should but at least, I would have 2 separate income streams. One might work better than the other, whichever one it is. So I'm working on both rightnow. They've both been a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy it.. :)

Great! I finished the certification courses first, though. I never thought of Bootcamp until I keep on reading comments after comments made by WA community saying how great it is. So far, it's amazing! I hope to be able to finish off the Bootcamp too. I learnt so much in just these few days!

Right? It is so informational and education. Things that I never knew even existed before. It overlaps a lot, you will find but I guess it's a good reminder of things to do with a new website.

Wish you much luck and success!!


Sometimes, I just feel so overwhelmed with everything. But one thing I know is that the courses are easy to follow through. So, basically anyone can do this. It has helped me a lot and I wish I can help a lot of others too who have not found WA yet. :)

All the best pushing forward :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support. :)

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