Google send me 6000 organic visitors in half a day!

Last Update: September 04, 2016

This Sunday could be called the "conversion day" on my blog.

It was 11 AM and I was randomly surfing on the internet... and then, I find out that a huge and well-known website from my niche was hacked and redirecting to a 18+ website.

Awkward. But then I'm thinking... even though it's a temporary issue, people will probably be as confused as I was and start googling like crazy.

Blog post creation:

I decided to try my luck. I opened Jaaxy and went to the "Saved list" to quickly note down relevant keywords about the topic (I had saved those for a future review on the topic).

I created an ultra-specific title about this "temporary issue" so that people wondering what was happening know the reply was available on that blog post.

And I did write a fast 300 words blog post which I submitted immediately into Google Webmasters for an "express" indexing.

About 60 seconds later... my Google Analytics was spiking close to 50 people active simultaneously on that page. Boom! :)

Blog post engagements and improvements:

The traffic was quite high and people started commenting and asking extra information about the issue.

Here is how I improved results:

1) I replied every comment nearly instantly (while trying to engage conversation at same).

2) I also shared the blog post on social media.

3) I listed all questions they shared on the comment section and added the answers into my blog post (as other people may have the same doubts and google it).

4) I checked the "live traffic" keywords and added all the relevant ones into the blog post. (If you are writing about something which is less time-sensitive, you can do that through Google Webmasters a few days/weeks/months later).

My blog post moved from 300 to 750 words and was including more relevant information and keywords on the topic.

Blog post results after 12 hours:

  • I received 6124 organic visits from search engines and other sources (people sharing it on their social media, blog post or email list).
  • People engaged on the post with 90+ comments.
  • 26 people signed up and confirmed their subscription into my newsletter.
  • 4 people were curious and surfed my blog to find my #1 recommendation and ended up being my referral here at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • I made four sales for a total of $242.00 on my e-commerce which is above my daily average.

Here is a screenshot from Google Analytics:

Well... That was a great Sunday! I hope yours was productive as well! :)



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thriftymom Premium
Wow! congrats! Keep it up! this is very inspiring...
- Ces
Incognito007 Premium
Thank you, Thriftymom! :)

Yes, when such opportunity comes around and that you notice the tips you learned at WA allow you to fully leverage it - it's uplifting.

All the best and Have a great day,
Brilliant idea, looking forward to more updates!
Incognito007 Premium
Thanks for the feedback, Monde! :)

Enjoy your day,
JudeP Premium
Wow, well done - a great idea to take advantage of the situation :)
Incognito007 Premium
Thank you, Jude. Yes, it's working beyond my expectations! :)
LindaKwas Premium
Very impressive traffic for sure! That was a great idea. I would have never thought of something like that!
Incognito007 Premium
Hello Linda,

Yes. The results are quite amazing! :)

I thought it could give some ideas for some people in other niches which is why I shared the whole story.

Happy blogging and enjoy your Monday!